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Will the WRs be too small for a ground game?

I'd much rather have wr that can't block over Wrs that can't get open or catch. Passing game wins games more now than running teams. Look at gb nyg new England new Orleans ind

If our ol is good and our rbs we may not get a 50+ harder but we will get plenty of 20 or 30 yard runs. Look at the big picture
I want wrs that are known for catching tds and getting over 1000 yards
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I want wrs that are known for catching tds and getting over 1000 yards

this. theyll hopefully be so scared of our receivers that they wont play close enough for the run anyway
Kyle Williams is a bad ass blocker.
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will opposing CBs be too small for our ground game?

this thread makes no sense to me. Most of the time all WRs have to do it block the corner that is covering them. Really just get in a way and coaches will be satisfied.
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Williams blocks very well.

About as well as he fumbles which is apparently pretty good

so u mad?
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Right now we have 3 undersized (from a run-blocking standpoint) receivers on the roster. Moss is not a blocker, while Williams and Manningham are too small for the task. This leaves only Crabtree as a blocker. This would be OK if one of these undersized WRs could return punts, but since Moss won't, Manningham never has, and Williams... well, do I really need to go further with that?

This means we must bring in another CB or WR fro the task. Based on the receivers' natural ability to catch the ball better than a CB (or else the CB would be a receiver as they say), it is much easier to find a WR for the job, and this player will almost certainly be on the smaller side for the position.

This means we are likely to have 4 non-blocking receivers, and Crabtree as the only exception. Even if we do bring in another rookie with size, chances are he won't find the field very often, buried behind Crabtree, Moss, and Manningham on the depth chart. This worries me as a run first team.
Randy Moss blocks when he wants to
KW and Crabs are excellent blockers.

Crabs i think is very underrated and is always hustling down-field making blocks.
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so u mad?


Crabtree is a terrific blocker. If Byham remains healthy, Vernon and Delanie can be split out wide to allow for a great run/pass disguise to keep defenses off balance, knowing we can easily do either in those formations.
Soapaga for WR
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