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49ers sign Mario Manningham

Nice signing
Would rather of had Mike Wallace, but at least it is an improvement from our WR corps.
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Quality depth is never a bad thing.
Didnt want, but OK with the move. Give a bit more insurance in case Moss goes headcase.
If this is the case, Peyton would be stupid not to come here. Our receiving core is 10x better than Denver and Tennessee combined. I see us go OG or TE with our pick first pick and WR with our 2nd. Damn! This team is starting to stack up!
so he chose us? I wonder if it was for a cheaper deal....and if he knows something we don't
Nice pick up. Remember, we're gonna add at least one, maybe two more WRs in the draft. Manningham can be a solid #3 for us. It'll be interesting to see how this team looks in 3 WR sets with Moss, Crabs, and Manningham at WR and VD at TE. I just hope we have Manning to throw the ball for us.
nice pick up, wonder what the terms are
Manning to Manningham!
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Would rather of had Mike Wallace, but at least it is an improvement from our WR corps.

We still have our 1st round pick.

Hill, Fleener, Jenkins, Konz, ... + Manningham > Wallace

Originally posted by valrod33:
Peyton Manning has some weapons now. Crabtree, Manningham, Moss, VD and Gire

First thing I though of when I read that too.
Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
Manning to Manningham!

I hope we didn't overpay. His stats from 2011.

39 catches for 523 yards and 4TD's. I would have rather had Lloyd.
very happy with this pick up
So...with this deal. This is how I would see it now.

1. The 49ers are out of the Mike Wallace race.

2. They have put all their chips in on getting Peyton Manning.

If that turns out true...

Peyton Manning handing off to Frank Gore and throwing to Crabtree, Moss, Manningham, Davis, Walker.

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