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Paraag Marathe Thread

He's a proven success - I hope we keep him fro a long time.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Somebody send him a hooker
Originally posted by jreff22:
Somebody send him a hooker

this is all i can send him...

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Marathe keeps showing over and over why the niners like him so much. He can negotiate better deals faster than any other team. Look at Smith's deal, Moss's deal, even Gore's deal. All low risk steals. And he signed all our draft picks already too. This kid has got a future. If he ever learns how to evaluate talent (huge question mark, and highly unlikely at this point), he could be a killer GM someday. He's already awesome in his current capacity though. Props to Paraag!!!!
what a difference a year makes.
he got ralph barbieri fired
He has done a great job, also hope he continues to keep doing exactly what he is doing no matter what people say!
Parage Marathe does work in the front office!
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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
he got ralph barbieri fired

Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Federal law mandates that batteries on sarcasm detectors be checked once every month to prevent malfunctions that may cause over-reactions to obvious jokes. Penalty may include public humiliation or demerits on one's man card.

LoL!!! +1
Razer gets fired...Marathe owns.
Can anyone recommend a good deodorant? Lately I've been sweating profusely and its messing up my shirts.
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