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Paraag Marathe Appreciation Thread (The Salary Cap is his b*tch)

To me the contract demonstrates a mutually beneficial agreement. Kap didn't want to screw the franchise (e.g. Flacco), but he wanted a fair contract. I think both sides have to be satisfied with the final result.
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Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by 190836:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by 190836:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by 190836:
Don't ever forget he was part of a team that brought you Nolan, Sing and years of misery.

Don't ever forget Walsh brought us Donahue.

Don't ever forget DeBartolo hired that scrub GM his first year.

s**t happens
Yeah, but Walsh and Eddie D brought us five SBs. Whats he done? Nothing!!!!

Marathe isn't the HC lol
You are the one who brought up Eddie D's example of Joe thomas's hiring. Was Eddie D a HC?. But ED set the path by hiring Bill Walsh and the rest is the history. What did this fool do? He and John York destroyed a once proud franchise for many years. Don't forget it.

What are you talking about?

**** Donahue. John York and Denise D. screwed up too, but Jed has turned it around. Paraag/Baalke/Harbs are doing fine under Jed.

We gotta give it some time before we start comparing Eddie D. (20 + years to win those Super Bowls). Let's see what Jed does (given 20+ years). Paraag works for Jed... when he was with John (what did you expect)
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The cap, does anyone have specifics as to the negotiation rules and if there are any cut off dates. If there is no cut-off date, perhaps the direction that I would like to see the team navigate to is to try to negotiate another player's deal so that we take the cap hit this year, versus future years. Just something that could keep the cap in better shape for the long run, so the team can at least try to remain flexible with FA and drafting to keep the team competitive, just a perspective.