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Hypothetical, if the Niners draft Fleener at #30, would Delanie Walker have any trade valu

Walker is better than Fleener
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Walker is better than Fleener
joe cool and san diegos heads just blew up
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Walker is better than Fleener

In open space. I think Fleener makes better catches in traffic, would be a better red zone option, AND has potential to be a better blocker.

This isn't some knock on Walker. He's been a great niner, and even with Fleener he still could make an impact for us.

Fleener is a really good prospect. We should look to get better wherever we can.
Walker would maybe fetch us a 7th round pick. And I don't think we should draft Fleener unless he is far and away the highest rated guy on our board
7 pages... very disturbing,

Walker better than Fleener....... holy damn,, wut?

No... walker would be the 3rd TE/FB option shifting around... Fleener would be incredi........nah, too much effort... blah blah, etc.
IMO we will pick up a WR in FA or 2nd-4th round in draft. Frankly is deep WR class but I don't see the next Jerry Rice with this class just some good WR who will in a now very pass happy league make there 1000 yards

If Fleener is available you take him probably best available player at that point. With Walker contract coming up end of next year Fleener can replace him but in the mean time you have one hell of a 3 TE set. In addition Fleener will know a lot of the playbook already and can be useful almost immediatly.

Walker has been under valued by many on this board and IMO would start for a lot teams.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Walker is better than Fleener

At what?
Too much idle speculation for me! Harbaugh knows Fleener and would be able to judge his value. As he has stated, he needs Baalke to balance his enthusiasm for past players, so Fleener would have to convince the scouts and Baalke before the draft.

A three or four TE set needs three or four good TEs. So the idea that the 9ers would not take a TE becuase they already have two is not logical. Also, Fleener specialized in the Red Zone, almost a third of his catches being TDs. This is a weakness of the 9ers so his value may be higher for the 9ers than otherwise would be the case.

Lastly, if Fleener is perceived to be the best player at the 9ers pick they will likely take him. Baalke has shown that he does not draft for immediate need but to stock good players who will complete for a job. TE is not a weakness, but better TE depth could help WRs. Having three TEs who can run fast routes might make a huge difference for Crabtree and Morgan...especially with Walker coming from the HB spot.
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