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Historical: Why did GB have our # in the playoffs?

Originally posted by djfullshred:
And lots of other QBs win the superbowl without a team of studs? What I love about football is how a roster of 53 has to gel just right for a team to go all the way. People remember picks & fumbles but not a lot of the inbetween struggles where others could have made the difference, but failed.

Young's legacy is interesting discussion, but hardly merits debate IMO. The final tally at end of his career not only includes the Superbowl win, but some pretty lofty performance stats, great w/l record. I feel it is a waste of time to discuss this with people that just don't like him for whatever reason.

our team was clicking more than any other team in the NFL imo.. we were robbed of the superbowl .
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Ok for the young fans out there. The only reason GB dominated us is because of Mike Holmgren. A former 49er coach. He was there for 6 seasons. He knew what defense and offense we ran so it was easy for him to pick us apart. He did a great job of it too.

Yeah, looking back this totally makes the most sense and explains why Holmgren had an edge against us but not against Dallas.

It was almost as if GB were a divisional team.

Worse. He knew the WCO insided and out and the type we ran. Holgren was a pretty good coach and you are right. He dominated us but sucked against the Cowboys. I don't even think he beat them on their way to the superbowl that year. Nope I believe they beat the Panthers to go to the superbowl that year.
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One of the playoff games where Favre beat us he had like 88 yards passing doe

Which game?


In the same game Young barely played (pretty sure this was when he had the broken ribs). 2/5 for 8yds. Grbac went 19/36 125yds 1 TD 3 INTs.

Can't blame Young for this one.
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Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Steve Young was excellent in the playoffs. Dallas was insanely talented, there will never be anther team like that, certainly not another O-line like that.
Against Green Bay, we couldn't keep up with Favre and Holmgren, they would blow up our defense with brilliant play. The only game we didn't play in sloppy conditions, we won. Did I mention we had NOTHING at running back?

Despite all of this, he beat very good Eagles, Bears, Viking, Redskins and Giants teams in the playoffs. He played FANTASTIC in almost every playoff game where he wasn't injured or where he had a running back.

He did save his worst performances of the year often for the postseason.

For example:

In 1992 he threw 7 INTs during the regular season then threw 3 in two postseason games. He threw 2 in the NFC Championship loss to Dallas.
In 1995 he threw 2 INTs in the playoff loss to Green Bay
In 1997 we had the #1 ranked defense in football. Hosting the NFC Championship game we scored only 10 points and lost. Our only TD came on a late game kick return.

During the 3 straight playoff losses to Green Bay, Young threw the ball 108 times for a grand total of zero touchdowns and three interceptions.

Losing the turnover battle killed us against Green Bay just as it did versus the Giants this year.

Did you watch those games? If not, then its truly hard to appreciate 1) How talented those early 90's Cowboy teams were, and 2) How Holmgren picked us apart, plus the s**t weather that we were playing in.
The Packers also had Reggie White who was unblockable.

The point is, you have to have watched those games and understood the injury situations, weather, game-planning and context of the situations.
Steve Young was an incredible quarterback, he was in his late 30's while playing against the Packers, was on pain killers, and wasn't in prime health. And Dallas, I mean, there has never been another team like that, and with the salary cap, there never will be another team like that.
The 92-95 Cowboys would have won the last 10 Super Bowls in a row if they were around today. Same with the 94 Niners. There is nothing even remotely close to those teams in existence today.
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nobody has mentioned maybe the biggest reason of all---we lost our offensive coordinator---Mike Shanahan---he left and won a couple Super Bowls with Denver---even beating the Packers.
Originally posted by sfninerfanMax:
nobody has mentioned maybe the biggest reason of all---we lost our offensive coordinator---Mike Shanahan---he left and won a couple Super Bowls with Denver---even beating the Packers.

Good point. Granted we didn't have anything close to Terrell Davis but the Broncos game plan was to run the Packers defensive line into the ground. Run sweeps & tosses to make Gilbert Brown work. By the 3rd Quarter of that Super Bowl, Gilbert was gassed

Davis's stat line in the Super Bowl victory over Packers
30 carriers
157 yards
3 TD's

And we were trying to beat them with 5 yards from Loville
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Originally posted by BrianGO:
Did you watch those games?

I watched every play of them all
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God was a Green Bay fan. Seems like Favre could be falling down and throw into triple coverage with his eyes closed and complete a 30 yarder at a crucial point in the game. I blame our DBs for not being good at fighting for jump balls.
Bottomline. Holmgren was in SF for 6 years. He knew the system in and out. To break it down for the youngsters that are ever so many on this board, it was basically spy gate legally.
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They were better.

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