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Long term solution at running back?

Originally posted by HearstFan:
Isn't Marshawn Lynch (and Fred Jackson from Buffalo?) free agents? I love how hard Marshawn runs - would love him in SF. But they would command huge contracts. We should at least bid on them to drive up the price on Seattle! :)

I think people are writing off Hunter too soon. By all accounts, it seems like the 49ers envisioned Hunter as the RB of the future that they wanted to develop behind Gore. I think a fully developed Kendall Hunter will give us a guy basically like the Raven's Ray Rice.

*Gore in his first year splitting time with Kevan Barlow had 739 total yards (608 rush, 131 receiving) with 3 TDs rushing, and a 4.8 YPC average on 127 carries.

*Hunter in his first year splitting time with Frank Gore had 668 total yards (473 rush, 195 receiving) with 2 TDs rushing, and a 4.2 YPC average 112 carries. Not much difference at all from Gore's first season overall, and with 15 less carries.
Fred Jackson is not a free agent
As much as I love watching Kendall Hunter run I am not sold that he is fit to be an every down back. Now Barry Sanders another former OSU guy with similar size and speed was able to do it but that is definitely wishful thinking. Maybe he can step his game up but to be on the safe side we need to draft another RB. Frank Gore is great but I don't think he has much gas left in the tank.
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