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Another Season Another Failure.

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Originally posted by DRnSFw:

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how was this past season a failure? the Niners exceeded every expectation. they were one win shy of the Super Bowl and did it without a proper off season or training camp. cmon now.
Originally posted by LBCniner:

NO! Not a failure. A failure is when there is no hope. We improved in every phase of the game and our future is WAY brighter than at any time in the last 10 or so years.

I was there during the crap years before BWalsh, there - cheering during the great years and never giving up during the lost years. Failure is way, way too extreme. We exceeded expectations and will take it all next year. Failure is a state of mind and that's on you and where you are at.

PS. You need to get out more.
If this guy was a cleveland browns fan he would have killed himself already.
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Actually its been 17 years since our last superbowl win. So, you fail.

I understand your frustration, but I have to disagree with your assessment. This year was a GREAT success. I'm happy to say, I was proven wrong from the beginning of the season. I thought the preseason was going to be an indicator of how the season would be, but game in, game out my team got better and better and it got more exciting to watch. unlike the past couple of season. We not bottom feeding or the middle of the pack type team any more. keep some of our key FA's and add where we need most. we'll be an elite team to years to come. and yes, a super bowl with A.SMITH as qb will happen sooner then you think.

49ers U BeeeeeEeeZZZZZYY!!
This thread is stewpidz
I've been pretty bummed out over the past few weeks because of how things turned out. We've lost I think 8 NFC Championship games now, many of them in just the most heartbreaking fashion. I mean, it was our game to lose, and lose we did. If only Ginn hadn't hurt his knee, if only our WRs could've gotten some seperation, if only the idiot refs had called the fumble a fumble, if only...

But I feel better now because this team, as good as they were this year, are only going to get better, and that I can say with absolute certainty. To do what they did with a whole new staff and no offseason is miraculous, not lucky. This is a team and a front office that really knows what the f**k they are doing, taking a 6-10 team to an overtime fumble away from a super bowl with what they had to work with.

At the beginning of the season, I highly doubt they had the thought or goal of winning a championship, that there was too much in their way. In 2012, they are going to have a full offseason to fully implement their schemes, PLUS the knowledge they are as good as any team in the NFL and the goal of getting to where they fell just short of - a shot at hosting the Lombardi trophy. They are going to be pissed off and determined to not repeat that and every team they face is going to feel it.

This is just the beginning of the Harbaugh reign. Look how how he turned Stanford and how they got better and better each and every year. Can you imagine how good this team is going to be once they do the same?
Originally posted by 69MiNdFrEaK:
Don't you as a 49er fan get sick & tired of hearing others say "THERES ALWAYS NEXT YEAR"?... For the past 18 years i have heard this. You have to. i say 18 years because thats the last time we have won a Super Bowl In SB 29 with Steve Young. when your use to your team winning its hard to see them lose all the time. Sure the 49ers had a good year in 2011. I did not say great year because to have a great year that would be winning the SUPER BOWL. anything less is a poor or good year. Your Measured on how many Super Bowls you WIN, not at how close you get to the Super Bowl & Fail at winning it. So to me this year was a failure like last year. Still no Super Bowl. sure it gets me excited to know our 49ers might have allot of seasons with more wins then loses & that means lots of Playoff appearances & that means more shots at winning the Super Bowl. But i tend to think this season was a fluke & freak of NFL Nature. Sorry but i have had to sit through to many 49er seasons of seeing them fail year after year. so excuse me if I'm gun shy about 1 winning season. Our 49ers have lost so many games in the past 18 years that I expect for them to loose Week after week BUT HOPE for the best week by week & HOPE they win. Our Offense lets us down badly in the 4th Q of the NFC Championship Game. One Payer (Yes One Player) pretty much helped the opposing team win it. only one player catches the ball on punts & kick offs. so why are people making excuses for that player?... saying it was not all him. but in FACT its mainly was. sure if the Offense clicked better when we needed them to we would on not got in that positions but it was still that one player who fumbled the ball & in doing so lost our chances of having a chance of winning that game by letting our Offense take the field. Anyways i know this is old news. this is the first time i have had a chance to speak out towards it.

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