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Another Season Another Failure.

Don't you as a 49er fan get sick & tired of hearing others say "THERES ALWAYS NEXT YEAR"?... For the past 18 years i have heard this. You have to. i say 18 years because thats the last time we have won a Super Bowl In SB 29 with Steve Young. when your use to your team winning its hard to see them lose all the time. Sure the 49ers had a good year in 2011. I did not say great year because to have a great year that would be winning the SUPER BOWL. anything less is a poor or good year. Your Measured on how many Super Bowls you WIN, not at how close you get to the Super Bowl & Fail at winning it. So to me this year was a failure like last year. Still no Super Bowl. sure it gets me excited to know our 49ers might have allot of seasons with more wins then loses & that means lots of Playoff appearances & that means more shots at winning the Super Bowl. But i tend to think this season was a fluke & freak of NFL Nature. Sorry but i have had to sit through to many 49er seasons of seeing them fail year after year. so excuse me if I'm gun shy about 1 winning season. Our 49ers have lost so many games in the past 18 years that I expect for them to loose Week after week BUT HOPE for the best week by week & HOPE they win. Our Offense lets us down badly in the 4th Q of the NFC Championship Game. One Payer (Yes One Player) pretty much helped the opposing team win it. only one player catches the ball on punts & kick offs. so why are people making excuses for that player?... saying it was not all him. but in FACT its mainly was. sure if the Offense clicked better when we needed them to we would on not got in that positions but it was still that one player who fumbled the ball & in doing so lost our chances of having a chance of winning that game by letting our Offense take the field. Anyways i know this is old news. this is the first time i have had a chance to speak out towards it.
well to be fair, 31 teams and their fans are saying that by the end of the football season.
Winning the super bowl is ghey.
The season was far from a failure
since weve won our last superbowl over half the other NFL teams havent won 1... so No. i dont believe this season was a failure going from 6-10 to 13-3 with the same offense, and our defense got even better with as many as 6 new starters... Got our HC this year, Got a appearance into the NFC championship game.. We beat the recent superbowl champs in the season and shouldve beat em in the post season.. And now our team that has lost game after game like youve said now knows they can win ANY game...
This post is a failure
The only failure thsi year was KW and his historical choke job in the NFC Companionship game.

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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
The only failure thsi year was KW and his historical choke job in the NFC Companionship game.

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Well, there was the blown fumble call...
If you think this season and all the improvements, and being an actual contender to go to the super bowl makes this season a failure I think you should consider therapy.

...the above post is the definition of "lack of perspective".

Ya know what? You can't win every year. There are 31 other teams trying to climb the same mountain every single year. Some teams have NEVER won.

If the Niners won every single year it wouldn't be any fun. You have to have the Packers and the Cowboys and all the rest or else it's not as difficult an achievement to earn. The fact that it's hard to win it and that it happens so seldom is what makes those moments the best.

Ask Ronnie Lott or Joe Montana which season was their favorite and they won't even hesitate to say 1981. It wasn't expected. In 1981 the Niners won the Super Bowl with their worse team of all the 5 that won it, but it was their favorite season.

Niners didn't win it this year and I am STILL licking my wounds, but I enjoyed watching this year more than I enjoyed watching any of the Super Bowl Seasons (I was too young in '81).

Was this season a failure? If you look at it through the "we only succeed if we win it all" lens, then yes. If you have a bit more perspective on it to see the journey and the HUGE step they just took, then you will see that it was a HUGE success. It was a suceess that can build FUTURE success. It will make Free Agnents want to say. It will make other teams Free Agents want to come and play here. It'll help get a Stadium build ensuring the team stayes in the Bay Area for 40+ years. It will show the players what they are capable of and adjust THEIR expectations.

Losing the way they lost may actually do something else as well. They got a taste of winning this year and got CRUSHED at the end. That will FUEL them in the future. They will ALWAYS remember how close they were. Players forget the wins but always remember the losses. This loss will push them into the future.

Finally...dude, chill out. If you couldn't enjoy this past season and simply look at it as "another failure", you are going to give yourself a heart attack. It's not about the destination, it's about the ride.
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Originally posted by dj43:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
The only failure thsi year was KW and his historical choke job in the NFC Companionship game.

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Well, there was the blown fumble call...

Failure on the part of our team.

Refs is another story.
This year National Television found out Monday Night that we need a new stadium otherwise your QB might be throwing the game winning TD and the lights might just go out on you....
I say, Hang in there. I think in the next 3-5 years we will all be right where you want to be, as the lone team with the most Superbowl Championships. Fair enough??? [8]
I'm thinking the 1980's-1990's expecations of "Superbowl or Bust" have not been a relevent for evaluating the 49ers in a loooong time.

The measuring stick for the last several years has been "do they still suck?" Losing in OT in the Championship game finally answers that question and tells us they are as good as the other top NFL playoff teams. No way can you say just another failure if looking at things from that perspective.
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