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Screw it Let's just go all defense!!

Agree with OP, Defence wins championships, and the offence will only get better with more playing playing time.

Lets see what Brooks (or Brooks agent) wants money wise and lets see what Mario Williams wants then work it out from there.
There must be balance in all things.
Defense almost got the 9ers to the SB this past season. Drafting WR/RB/OL and upgrading DE/DL/CB/S through freea agency is a plan that could work.
So I like the idea.......
I think the defense was better this year than previous years, in part, because the offense improved a bit and dominated time of possession. I think if we balanced things out more by improving the offense, but still maintaining most of the defensive free agents, that would do more to improve the defense and the team than to add even more defensive talent to the neglect of offense. You need both to be sound. Look at the Giants. Look at past 49ers championship teams. No lopsided rosters.
If this team can draft well (and I have full confidence in them doing that) we can get a WR (or 2) in the draft this year or sign a guy on the cheap. There are playmakers on this offense, they really just need one more weapon. Also, lets now discount Morgan returning. He is not spectacular but he is a good player.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Um.... NO.

Um .....YES
When you throw Mario Williams into the mix, it takes on a whole different aspect. IF they could sign him, agree, he could make our D the best in the NFL, no doubt. He'd take even more pressure off the secondary. They could franchise Goldson and promote Culliver to start opposite TB. Would need to draft another CB, for sure, but I know they're also pretty high on Brock, plus there's still Holcomb. Harbaugh/Baalke could draft a big WR like Jeffery and TE like Fleener.

If they can't make a deal for Williams, then I'd advocate they go hard after Vincent Jackson to beef up the receiving corps. It appears the Bolts are going to let him go to FA. Lots of options, which is good...and $30M in cap space isn't shabby, either. I trust Harbaugh/Baalke to make the right acquisitions and re-signings.
I embrace a balanced team...great offense, great defense and great special teams. It is possible to have all three and the 9ers are a couple of WR and time to grow away from being efficeintly potent.

If they can't get a good team oriented WR in FAcy I would hope they would do something like this thread suggests...use the draft for WR help and then sign FAs to make the D dominant. Fleener and a 2nd round pick at WR should be a huge improvement.
i like our offense the way it is. we just need an off season to put things together. the only thing i want is to draft a WR early, i like streeter in the 2nd round. i dont want to spend most of our FA money on 1 WR. rather get quality defenders
Originally posted by Curticio11:
Justin Smith, Ray Mac, Aldon Smith, (Mario Williams).....AND we would have Bowman/Willis....

YIKES, ill play corner

Exactly! With that front four getting pressure you don't have be an all pro DB!! Culliver and Brown will be fine. I think Brown will be even better and like Whitner said Fangio only opened half of the playbook for defence!!! Double Yikes!!!

Pretty much all good receiver cores were built thru the draft anyways. New England is really the only exception. Pittsburgh, Green Bay, the Giants completely thru the draft. The Redskins and the Jets those are the guys constantly looking for free agent receivers and look how that's turned out for them.

I'm not a fan of signing Mario because I think it will restrict us in the future, but I agree 100% that we resign are our guys and forget about going ga ga over a receiver. There's a reason why that team is letting them go. Not worth the money and needs elsewhere.

Build this offense thru the draft. There's very few instances were a qb improves like Brady did overnight. Most of the time it's like Eli were it happens over the course of his career.
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Our OL is getting better and better
I trust our RB/FB
I trust Alex Smith
Our TE and WR (with a healthy Morgan) could of beat the giants
Our offense is pretty much set (add a new guard and 2 rookie WRs)

If we add Super Mario
We could let brooks, and Rogers walk (even though I really like both of them)
QB pressure hides bad coverage
I'm in!
Originally posted by gavindirishmen:
Alex Smith is our QB.
Gore and Hunter are the backs.
Morgan and Tedd Ginn will sign cheap
Crabtree is back.
Just a draft some wideouts.

Instead of paying for free agent wideouts. Lets upgrade the secondary
we can get a younger fa corner than Rogers like Tracy Porter.
Resign Brooks and Grant and franchise Goldson. Dump Haralson and sign Robert Mathis

or we could dump Brooks and sign Mario Williams. To hell with all this offense.
We could dominate again on defense. If Trent Dilfer and Brad Smith can win a SuperBowl, I know Alex Smith can with
that defense. What do you think?

Well, it's not entirely a bad idea.

30 mil to spend right?


QB- Alex Smith
WR- Josh Morgan- Should come cheap
KR- Ted Ginn
FS- Dashon Goldson- 1 yr franchise
RG- Adam Snyder
MLB- Larry Grant (RFA)
All 3 special team standouts- Costanzo, Spillman (RFA), Gooden

Let Go:

CB- Carlos Rogers
OLB- Ahmad Brooks

And Replace them with:

CB- Richard Marshall
OLB- Mario Williams

Then go all offense in the draft:

1- TE- Coby Fleener
2- WR- Juron Criner
3- Best DE or OG
4- Best available RB

This is completly reasonable.

Imagine this defense:

LDE- Ray McDonald
NT- Issac Sopoago
RDE- Justin Smith

LOLB- Aldon Smith
MLB- Navarro Bowman
MLB- Patrick Willis
ROLB- Mario Williams

CB- Richard Marshall
CB- Tarell Brown
Nickle- Chris Culliver
SS- Donte Whitner
FS- Dashon Goldson

Good freaking luck opposing offenses!!
Forget about Mario Williams, the guy wants to play in a 4-3 system, this reeks of more fandom style fantasizing. It's not going to happen. But what they could do is add some major pieces through the draft, there's quite a bit of talent at both 3-4 OLB and 3-4 DE this year.
We are not getting Mario Williams.
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