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If you were the General Manager/Head Coach what would you do this offseason?

I would deal with my emotional issue 1st, which is to cut Kyle Williams. Then I would have the peace of mind to deal with the rest of the other players logically and intuitively
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I would try and package our #1(#30) with craps and Kap, and make a run at blackmon in the top 2-3 picks. Then would go after every WR that Coach H had seen in college, and pick them up in appropriate rounds, making full use of UDFAs and late rd WRs that are unknown. Would also invite into camp any WR that JH had any remote interest in, who did not get drafted.. Hopefully by doing that and acquiring either Bowe, Vince Jackson, maybe williams(steelers), possibly colston, before the draft, we would end up with a #1, #2 and #3 new WRs/ TEs who can catch, use fakes, and move chains plus score in RZ. I strongly suspect craps to be outta here this yr, a combo of questionable attitude, and showing of a #4 or #5 WR(especially during playoffs when he dropped 3 that hit him between the 1 and 5., then caught one for 3 yds against NYG. Package him up and get equal value, but be realistic in a run at blackmon. Right now we have a #3 or 4 in Morgan, and same for Kyle.

Craps is a #5 making #1 money. We need to change that equation, plus get a team guy instead of a holdout sometime player, sometime not. We cannot afford in the cap era a #5 making #1 money. How we unload him doesn't matter, but team will be better by deletion. He does make circus catches in games that don't matter, and that could make his stock more valuable. But keeping him is something this team just cannot afford.

Need an OG, obviously, but if a better OT available take him and play him as OG, either rd 1 or 2, depending on which WR available (BPA at these two positions). .

Would give special consideration to WR who also fielded punts SUCCESSFULLY in college, but has to be a world beater at WR 1st and foremost. Also as mentioned by Jimbagg or NCommand, would be very comfortable with a WR(FLEENER) pick who actually is a TE. Doesn't matter where he lines up, it matters if he can get open and catch.
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
I would try and package our #1(#30) with craps and Kap, and make a run at blackmon in the top 2-3 picks.

Ehhh, i wouldnt want to see us doing this. Im not sold on blackmon, and it was said if he entered last years draft he wouldve been the 3rd wide receiver taken behind Julio Jones... even then we would be working backwards giving up 2 1st round picks, and last years second all for 1 guy... Shoot, we might as well just give them that and next years 1st round pick and we could probably move up for Luck lol..

If the Defensive End that we dont want on Day 1 isnt there, i wouldnt mind seeing a trade out of 1st for somebodys early 2nd and the following years 2nd or something along those lines.. Then draft the appropriate player there, then use our 2nd round pick on a WR of our choosing..

Mario Williams (instead of big time money on WR)
Laurent Robinson

Lesser players can be re-signed if the price is right...

The draft I leave it to Balke...too hard to predict what players will be there at 30
Easy: Check it!

I would offer Mario Williams a contract to make him the highest paid player at his position. If he accepts, I tell Brooks and Harylson that they either take paycuts or be cut. If he declines, I make sure that I re-sign Brooks and keep him for 4 more seasons. I tell 98, goodbye.

I re-sign Alex Smith to a 4 year deal worth about $7 mil a season and give him incentives that make the offer that more attractive.
I give Goldson the deal that he wants. I offer Rogers the same contract I offered Smith. If he takes it great, if not, I wish him well and re-sign Shawntae Spencer and tell him to win a job from Culliver. If don't float his boat I find a replacement for both of them.

I re-sign Morgan to a 3 year, incentive based deal, worth about $3 mil per year. I restructure Delanie Walker's deal so that he and VD are together for the most of their careers.

I offer a FA contract to Dwyane Bowe. He fits the requirement for a big WR. If we can't get him, we draft for a WR and sign Mario Mannignham to the same deal or similar to what Morgan got and let them fight it out to see who starts next to Crabtree.

Re-sign Snyder, restructure or cut Rachal and draft a replacement anyway.

But if I get Williams, Smith and Goldson, we are in the SB anyway.
Sign fa wr in this order bowe Jackson Colston s Johnson deshaun jax. We absolutely need a #1 wr so that would be priority number one.

Resign Rogers Goodson brooks and don't change anything on d except give Aldon smith the starting job and rotate haralson.

Draft the best rg in the draft at 30 or sign one in fa if there is one.

Originally posted by boast:
resign Goldson and Rogers

sign Stevie Johnson

Resign Alex to a 2 year deal? That is very disrespectful, and no way he or his agent would approve of that. Unless it was a 2 year 40 million deal.

How many threads are we gonna have on this?
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