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Joe 'FREAKIN' Montana!!!

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Joe and Jennifer watching the boy play for Tulane

He finished 6-14, 144 yds, 2 TDs lol

joe's qb sons would be better if he had married a d1 athlete instead of a model.

You can tell it's Joes kid too. Got dem stick legs.

Man, need to add meat to them.
Joe is heading up the coin toss this Sunday for his top 10 Candlestick moment, no?
If Joe was young again and could play today, he would get us more Superbowls. Right now.

When he is in the zone he simply is unbeatable.

The greatest ever.

Joe Montana
When they finally make a movie about it you all ok with Daniel Craig playing the GOAT?

My soon to be 9 year old son's favorite player is

Joe Montana of course!!!!!!!!!!
The Greatest QB..................
I saw ihm play. Saw him geht hurt 1991 and still he is my favorite Player... I started playing Football because of him.

Thank you for all those moments, Joe.

The best there was, the best there will be...
Madden once said there have only been two players in history who could dominate a game all by themselves.

Joe Montana and Lawrence Taylor.

He almost added Rice, thought about it, hesitated, didn't list him. I remember listening to him that night of the epic battle between us and NY when Montana hit Rice down field in full stride between two defenders right on him and the ball had to be magic, in the final minutes and he just blew by them and we won. It had to be magic, and everyone always knew it could happen no matter how many seconds were left. It was a truly magic pass.

Everyone in the room was on the edge of their seat or standing before the pass. We all knew it was coming.

We never lost faith.

We knew he was about to strike.

Everyone in the room had the same body language as he dropped back, we could all feel it. Our eyes were all bugged out the second the ball was snapped.

And we watched, and we watched the ball just float into Rice's hands going 9000 mph with hardly any time left in a defensive battle with close to no scoring.

And Rice sailed!

The whole room erupted! People were falling on the ground. People were hugging eachother. People broke things lol.

Joe Montana. The legend. You as 49er fans have had it great. Like in the greatest of the greats.

Joe Montana.

Madden made his comment before the throw. He knew it was coming too.

Joe Montana!
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