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Walsh the Greatest Coach Ever?

It's somewhat overly romaticized which coach won a lot and they are the best. Blah, blah blah. Sometimes they had the best team and that's why they won. Other coaches didn't have the best team. Just saying.
Walsh had the advantage of Eddie D's checkbook. That said, he was a very complete NFL mind. Coryell was really great but always had an unbalanced team, never getting the D up to the O. I always liked Sam Wyche as well but he just wasn't as consistent or as thorough as Walsh. Lots of great coaches over the years.
Originally posted by BillWalsh:
Chuck Knoll has 4 rings I believe?
Originally posted by BillWalsh:
Chuck Knoll has 4 rings I believe?

Noll was a great coach, but if it's possible his team may have overshadowed him. Hall of Famers at QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB and cornerback. At one point the entire team was comprised of Steeler draft picks. Of course before free agency.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
I have a question.

What the heck has Belichick ever done as a coach? What makes him so "great"?
Brady was a 6th round afterthought. He had nothing to do with it. His record before that was POOR. What the HELL has this man done to deserve a "genius" label?
I can name a DOZEN things off the top of my head that Walsh did to earn a "genius" title. I can't name ONE -- SINGLE -- THING that Belichick has done.

Which offensive player(s) did Belichick scout? Anybody?
Which quarterbacks did Belichick ever mentor? Anyone?
Which defensive players did he STEAL in the draft? Who???

WHAT has he actually DONE???

NO!!! Coaches do not win Super Bowls. Coaches do one or more of the following: Scout players, draft players, organize, develop coaches, develop players, gameplan, create strategies, create schemes, create plays.
Walsh did ALL OF THOSE THINGS at a GENIUS level of ability. How many of those things has Belickick ever done at a genius level of ability???

Belichick is a slightly above average coach who rides one of the best quarterbacks to ever play (who developed HIMSELF) into the record books. He is nothing special at all. Walsh can barely be compared to ANYONE. Comparing him to Belichick is laughable.

Belichick has the ability to 'plug and play' players. Especially during these salary cap, free-agency times. If I can pick 1 guy to game plan for 1 big game on defense, I would pick Belichick (besides the cheating). It doesn't hurt to luck into Brady and had Vinitari as a kicker during those crucial early championship years. If they end up winning this Sunday, it's fair to say they are a 'dynasty' that's very rare in these times. So the credit goes to Belichick and the organization. Most likely HOFer but not transcendently regarded like Walsh.

He also has a coaching tree, but unlike Walsh his coaches failed miserably
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Just reading the title and nothing else...NO. He was a great coach and did many great things. If not for him I wouldnt be a Niners fan but there is another guy who deserves that title and Walsh owes it all to him. Paul Brown. After Brown I'd have to go to the college ranks and take Bryant.
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