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2011 Season Post-Mortem: Thoughts after watching the season and looking forward.....

I'm done being upset about this. We were right there, but nothing can be done to change it. It's time to look back on what we saw and look forward to a promising future. There are alot of things I liked, and more than a few that I didn't.

1) Linebackers: The 49ers are 1 LB away from a remake of the Dome Patrol. Obviously no Dome, but Willis, Bowman, and Aldon Smith are BETTER than Sam Mills, Vaughn Johnson, and Pat Swilling. We just need out RIckey Jackson. I like Brooks, but in the long run I think we can improve that position. Brooks may be a casualty anyway as he's a Free that position might be filled by Parys Haralson. I like Parys as a run-stopper, but he leaves alot to be desired as a pass-rusher.

2) DBs: #1 priority this off-season is resign Carlos Rogers. Gotta have him back. Brown played well and Culliver looked good at times, but Rogers is a must resign. Whitner is what I expected him to be. Great tackler, big hitter, not-so-great in coverage. I was strongly against putting the Franchise tag on Goldson early on and I faught with many of you about it, but I think I may have turned on this one. It may be the only way to keep him this year. I think they need to draft a guy to take that spot, but I don't think we can expect a guy to come in and play better than Deshon right away.

3) Turnover Diff: This one worries me. The 49ers play a style of football that sets up opportunities to create turnovers and they play very safe on O so they don't turn it over, but that can't last. We can't COUNT on +28 every year. The O needs to do a heavier share of the lifting next year. They will be in the second year of the O, so maybe they woould be better with the exact same personell....but in reality they need more players.

4) WR: We have been arguing all week on another thread about Kyle Williams and his future, but I really think that will take care of itself. I like Kyle, but this team needs to add a FA, draft a guy, resign Morgan and resign Ginn. I don't know if that leaves any space for Kyle anyway. These guys need to spend the offseason with Alex and Colin (or someone else) and get to know this O like the back of their hand. Personally, I like Wright or Floyd in the draft (both might require Jerry Rice-like trade up). IN FA, I like Bowe and maybe Colston. Bottom line tho, this position shouldn't look anything like it did this year to start the season. This is the biggest position of need on the team.

5) O-Line: I actually like the line as it's presently constructed (assuming Snyder is resigned), but I wouldn't be against drafting a guy semi-early or go after a big fish like Nicks. Some peeps are down on Staley and Davis.....I think both guys are cornerstones for the future. Goodwin was a good stablizing force and Iupati is a monster.

6) RBs: We need another one. Dixon aint the answer. Kendall is a good change of pace guy, but he isn't going to shoulder any kind of load. I love Frank, but he ain't getting any younger. He is showing aloit of wear and tear. He just can't stay healthey all year. We need another guy in there. Again...draft. 3-5th round.

7) D-Line. Fan-freakin'-tastic. I have no complaints here of any kind, other than to say they might need some depth. Justin is over 30 and he can't keep that motor up indefinitely. If he were to ever get hurt, the D would look completely different.

8) Special Teams: Resign Ginn. Resign Spillman. Resign Costanzo. These guys were HUGE this year. Find another #2 returner either in the draft, FA or on the present roster (I know Culliver did that in college). It's time for Ginn to become a full-time returner. No more WR for him unless peeps get hurt. He got hurt on offense and it was HUGE in the Championship game. HUGE. When I saw him just kinda fall down before the snap vs. the Saints, I had no idea that our season had essentially ended.

9) Coaching: What can I say. I have no comlplaints of any kind in this regard (other than that I wish they would take the quick draw out of the hasn't worked once this season). We wn't from the numbskull Mikes to one of the most creative coaching staffs in the NFL. It's been a long time since we've had a staff like this.

10) QB: I am a realist. I don't often buy into the "Wow, what if" stuff. As much tho as head is tellign me that the Niners will put their hopes in Alex Smith, if a certain #18 hits the open market I have a hard time believing they won't be a player. It just seems too perfect. Super Bowl ready team. A relationship with Harbaugh. Weapons in place. The ONLY weakness of the team is the one thing that he would add. It just makes too much sense to ignore.

Having said all that, it makes no sense to get too invested into it until we see what happens in March. I think the Niners have to sign Alex regardless of what happens with #18 (I don't want to say his name). The PRICE then is a huge factor. If #18 signs elswhere, I really don't think he'll get the $$$$ everyone thinks he will. No team can bank 20 mil on him staying healthy without a pricy second option should he be unable to play. Alex will be better next year no matter what. He's got a REAL offense. He's got a REAL OC. He's got a QB friendly HC. Most of all, he has TIME. I'll also be interested in seeing how Kaep plays in the preseason. This was his redshirt year....just like Luck had a redshirt year. ;-)

My biggest fear for next year is that the schedule gets much tougher. Everyone see's us coming now. No surprises. We may go 9-7 or 10-6 next year and be a far better team.

It'll be fun. I for one can't wait.
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two words

peyton manning
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
two words

peyton manning

"A QB who will be in the Hall of Fame in exactly five years."

Nice job Marvin! Still down about how the season ended, but ready to see how this team improves over the off-season too!
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
two words

peyton manning

"A QB who will be in the Hall of Fame in exactly five years."

You are right sir!
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Agree on most points. But I don't want Manning if it means mortgaging the future at the QB position. Keeping Alex would be ideal, given Manning likely won't play at the same level as we've become accustomed. And that's if Manning can make it through a season at all.
Originally posted by okdkid:
Agree on most points. But I don't want Manning if it means mortgaging the future at the QB position. Keeping Alex would be ideal, given Manning likely won't play at the same level as we've become accustomed. And that's if Manning can make it through a season at all.


I don't see how we can come close to affording him even if we wanted to. Sign Manning at he cost of letting some of our defensive FA's go? f**k that.
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THE DEFENSE WAS all season.
im not a fan of getting manning he wont do well in our offense with our WR and with his salary say bye to amhad brooks and at least one of rogers and goldson

and no way we will bring outside FA here we wont have the cap room for that

i say resign our D keep alex and actually give him some WR to work with

we were a SB team first year into our offense with the crappiest WR in an offseason to practice with actual WR we will have a top 10 offense next year
Great comments as always, Marvin....

I would certainly agree with you on the urgency of re-signing Carlos Rogers. A must.
Also, considering the lack of depth at OLB and the likelihood of losing Grant, I think re-signing Brooks is also a must.

Hard to say at this point how the coaching staff feels about Kyle Williams. He has some potential as a slot guy so I would think they would bring him back and have him concentrate on his wideout duties.

As well as the DL played this year (lights out), let us not forget that next season, J Smith will be 33, Soap will be 31, and Ray McDonald will be a rather old 28.(history of knee problems). Now, they do have RJF, Dobbs, and Ian Williams as depth but my feeling is that the team needs to start re-tooling at DL this off-season to keep the older guys fresh next season and to add some young talent to the mix. Still like Jared Crick at the end of the first round even with the big need at WR.

Given the level of need at wideout, I'm thinking the Niners absolutely need to add a proven FA wideout. There are no guarantees in the draft. Even if they move up and take a guy like Floyd, rookie receivers don't tend to make a big impact in the NFL. I think the team would be smarter to get a guy like Manningham in free agency....not a real expensive guy but a player that could take the pressure off Crabtree and be a solid red zone target.

Finally, completely agree that the Niners need to add a good RB in the off-season. They can't go into next season thinking that Gore can carry the load any more. He can be a contributor sure, but he took a beating this year (coming off a serious injury) and neither Hunter nor Dixon are every down backs. Perhaps they can get a decent guy late in the draft (there are always bargains on RBs late in the draft and as undrafted FAs but they need to bring in someone.


I also like Fleener(sp?) as another go to guy, a 3rd down guy to go with 2 more new WRs who can run crisp routes, have great hands, and will be the 3rd down guys we need so badly. Oddly i see us parting ways with our #1 WR in salary who is actually closer to a #4 or #5. He is undependable, and needs to be somewhere else other than on our field. I don; t know how he is in locker room, but i would wonder if he complains around his brethern. I think Coach will find another place for him , but for equal compensation for us. Alex with two dependable, great hands, 3rd down WRs would have put us in the SB, despite Kyle williams.
I agree with you, I would love to see more rush from Ahmad Brooks, I think the niners will add another Aldon Smith / LB to push Ahmad brooks, but I'd like to have him back, he was playing well in the championship game.

Carlos Rogers is a must resign for the Niners. I don't see Culliver playing better than him now.

I also want Goldson back, and maybe they franchise him? He is our enforcer back there.

One comment about Whitner, I think the defense shined back there with Whitner because he makes the Signal Calls on the Defense. His Veteran leadership and Rogers really added so much to the secondary.

Our draft in order
TE - You know Harbaugh loves the TE's and we need a big TE 66 and above a Gronkowski type for sure
WR - Hopefully a speed guy with Size
S - We are Thin at safety
OG - How bout a massive mobile guard to pair with IUPATI, I like Synder but he's more of a back up, I could see him moving to Center for Goodwin and being the first OL off the bench. BYE BYE CHILO!!!!
LB/DE - Need another Edge rusher that we can rotate in
Need a wr and og in either fa or the draft and we are set for the sb
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Keep it simply on your points. Your comments are always spot on man. My take on what you said.

1. If you're thinking another pass rusher in the draft I'd say Bruce Irvin but in my mock I like Cam Johnson in the second or if were luckily and it shakes out the right way Melvin ingram or Courtney Upshaw in the first, I would die to get Upshaw but that is almost as unlikely as Floyd falling to us.

2. Anyone who still doesn't think we should franchise Goldson is nuts. Next years safety class is pretty stacked so at the very least we have a hold over until we get a great replacement in next years draft.

3. I bet we'll be good for a +10-15 though, The Pats follwed up their +twentysomething with a +17. Alex aint Brady but i don't think he'll tank that bad when we open the offense up next year.

4. Woo another person who sees the light. KW might be cut just because hes the low man on totem pole not because of his epic screw up.

5. I really like our O-line the way it is. I think Davis is playing great and maybe we kick him inside to guard and dont re-sign Snyder but what I like the most is that Davis has become an "enforcer" like persona for our offense. He doesn't let anyone do anything to one of our guys without letting them hear about it or protects our guys.

6. We need to look at a replacement for Dixon. We'll have to wait and see what happens but all the stupid draft sites have said that Chris Polk has slide into the 3rd round conversation with a poor senior bowl. If he hovers around there we could end up snagging him in the 4th.

7. Amen to finding a way to make sure the drop off from Justin Smith isn't that far. Ray Mac came up huge in the playoffs but our DL would be atrocious without Justin, I'm dreading the day we have to replace him.

8. I almost died when I read Seely actually had an interview with the Colts. We need to keep this group together at all costs.

9. Hopefully we let loose next season, the handcuffs were pretty noticeable when came to certain plays, trying that d**n quick draw all the time drove me up the wall.

10. The QB competition will be great to watch, whether its Kaepernick showing progress or if it's Josh Johnson pushing for the job against Alex. I'm just chomping at the bit for the full off season program and to see how well Alex can perform.
Yeah, Brooks is a must sign, no doubt. Only Ware, Smith, Suggs, Hali, Barwin, Miller, Barnes, Harrison, Orakpo, Woodley & Wake had more sacks and almost all of these guys are featured WILL OLB's. Brooks also lead the team in TFL, was, by far our best OLB run supporter at sealing the edge and overall, was our best coverage OLB (with or without S help). He did all the dirty work AND got the pressure/hits/sacks we needed. But the most important thing to note is that he and Justin Smith were the most durable taking almost every snap of 2011 and throughout the playoffs...the first time in his career. And he played, virtually, straight up all year with constant double-teamings opening up other guys such as the more flashy, Condor. What's important to note is that this is his first year as a starter and if we can sign him long term, no doubt he will play even better next year knowing the type of condition he needs to be in. Hopefully we can sign him LT, give him that security and vote of confidence and draft another OLB to spell him and Condor and keep them both fresh. But you just don't let a guy with 8 sacks at the SAM position who leads the team with TFL and is 6th on the team in total tackles walk. The team had already offered he and others contracts but they will probably test the market. Hopefully he will choose to stay and gets a fair deal.
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