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I myself like I'm sure a lot of you are true niner fans! I've been following them since i 88' through the good glory days and through the horrible days.
I was was too upset about the way the season ended..... And yea Kyle Williams did have a couple of mistakes that turned the game around, but you win as a team and you lose as a team, there was way more opportunities that the team should of of capitalized on......

But to go on a social website (Internet thugs) and wish death upon a persons family and kids, not to mentioned all the other threats he got is damn right disgusting! This is obviously bandwagon fans that don't know a damn thing about the sport or about the franchise history! And makes us real fans look like complete idiots! And all these other threads about, "Will you boo Kyle Williams if he is a 49er next year" are stupid people need to lighten the hell up, dude is human mistakes happen, it's football! Other than joy what the hell are you gonna get if they win a Super Bowl.......? That's right nothing! If us a fan feel anger and disappointment about that lost, how do you think Kyle Williams feels? He's the one that works hard to be out there and win games while we're on our couches drinking beer and cheering them on!

And now you have these threads about Crabtree was at a club after the game or Vernon is throwing a party afterwards...... Who cares! They have every right to do what ever the hell they want! Just like you have the right to pop a beer open after a long day of work, !

And why is Harbaugh saying.... "Is this a California thing" such a big deal y'all act like you don't know what type of person he is, specially in interviews, seriously people lighten the hell up! They had a great season that NOBODy expected including me.....

Kyle Williams keep your head up and put in even harder work! As for the whole realm thank you guys for the awesome season! It's been way too
Welcome to the zone. But realize this is what sports in America have become. Its not unique to 49er diehards or bandwagon fans. Its everywhere. And for the record I'm pissed about the mental/fundamental errors that Williams made but I won't boo him or threaten him.
Thanks! That I do agree with, it's become an all around the nation kinda thing.... Us as fans get disappointed/angry over the outcome of a game...... But that's what they need to realize it's a damn game! And trust me no one feels worse than the actual player..... True fans will learn to except it, bandwagon fans will be outta here by the end of the week!
I agree man, I'm remarkably content right now

Before the season if you told me we'd go 13-3, beat the Saints in one the best games I've ever seen, and make the NFC Championship game, I'd laugh at you. And take it in a second.

As much as this loss hurt, it's way better than struggling through another 6-10 year of mediocrity.
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