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I don't know about everyone else but...

Originally posted by elguapo:
Thanks Steve but I still feel without Williams fumbles we would of beat new England. It really sucks when you know you may of probably lost but in our case I think we would of beat new England. Too many championship losses that should of been wins. This is 2 fumbles in 2 championship games vs the giants

Like Steve I am trying to appreciate how far we've come this year, but honestly, I don't think Ted Ginn commits those fumbles. In reality it shouldn't have even come to that. We should have been good enough to go down and kick a feild goal on our overtime possession after stoping the Giants on theirs.
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I hate moral victories.....but to be a couple of sloppy muffed punts and an OT FG away from the Superbowl is quite an accomplishment for a team that was picked by some to be last in the NFC West and in the "suck for Luck sweepstakes" before the season started (remember that).

Every week this team won, they were underestimated, insulted and backhand complimented by the "experts".

I certainly didn't expect this type of success, this soon. I would have thought an ambitious goal for us would have been to make the playoffs.....they did that and more.

So while I am bitter at the loss, and will point out all the flaws in the team, I will also say that their on field performance far exceeded expectations/
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Originally posted by modninerfan:
Proud as f**k of this team

this x2

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