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WE WON THE 49ers Tempt Destiny Billboard!!!!!

WOW, can't believe we did this after trailing behind the Ravens fans for most of the day. Makes me proud to be a 9ers fan! Here's their official announcement:


You guys did it! Now it is up to your team to beat the Giants today for the next Tempt Destiny billboard to be created. Upon acceptance and approval of your gift from the 49ers organization, we will have your billboard on display in the San Francisco City area prior to SB XLVI. SPREAD THE WORD - 49ers fans tempted destiny for their team.

49'ERS - 54938 votes
GIANTS - 39888 votes
PATRIOTS - 24686 votes
RAVENS - 54885 votes
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You are very welcome :)

With our loss to the Giants and the fact that the Giants also happen by chance to have the most votes between the two Super Bowl bounds teams, the next TD billboard goes to them. DOUBLE BUMMER!
this s**t was a jinx
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
this s**t was a jinx

How so? We've lost playoff games before?

Anyway, did you hear the news? The Giants have refused the billboard?

Based on the billboard we won and then lost to the Giants, the tempt destiny site has made a prediction (based on the math) of our votes and the Giants rejection of the billboard their fans won by chance. I am glad I am not a Giants fan. To go through all the effort to win the billboard only to have your team spit in your face... damn!
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

You know, I don't feel so bad after all. We have a team to believe in that treats its fans with respect. More than I can say for you know who.

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
this s**t was a jinx

Yah know, I just don't get this? Even though the Giants turn down this gift of support they still won... each time their fans win this??? So if our team had beaten the Giants, it could have been us celebrating.

This is just too strange???
gtfo with this s**t
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