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What the heck is this for?
Originally posted by Niners99:
What the heck is this for?

Originally posted by Niners99:
What the heck is this for?

u vote for a billboard of a painting someone will do that will jinx ur team in the Super Bowl
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Says the guy with time to not put 1 laughing smiley, but 40.
What the hell happened? I thought we had this thing all wrapped up. Now we're behind the Ravens fans by around 200 votes.
Originally posted by Niners99:
What the heck is this for?

This is to win a FREE billboard in support of the 49ers Super Bowl bid. All it cost us fans is our votes to win it.
Its crunch time people! WE CAN DO THIS! As posted on the Tempt Destiny web site:


It has come down to this, by 2 pm today the head-to-head battle between the 49ers fans and the Ravens fans will be decided. With results being as close as they are, there will be no more unlimited voting sessions conducted. So it will come down to fans going to the"Site Map" page to make sure that they vote from each page (38 pages) to cast their one vote per page per hour. May the best fans win.

There are two ways to win this:

1. Billboard of Choice - The fans that cast the most votes by 2 pm, January 22, 2012, directly wins the billboard (certainty). However, if the team with the most votes does not make it to the SB then the possibility of a direct choice cannot be made which leaves us with option two.

2. Billboard of Chance - If option one does not take place and your team happens by chance to have the most votes of the two SB bound teams (probability), your team indirectly wins the billboard. If both SB bound teams have the same vote totals then the indirect choice cannot be made = no Tempt Destiny billboard for this season.

This billboard costs you and your team nothing but the desire to make it happen. Now your team will see if their fans can walk-the-walk and represent them as their fans expect them to be represented ... as winners.

Voting Results for 2011 Playoffs

49'ERS - 54395 votes
GIANTS - 39773 votes
PATRIOTS - 24681 votes
RAVENS - 54422 votes
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We WON!!!!!!!!!

Myself, my little brother and our mom have been voting constantly this weekend. We were there during the unlimited sessions hitting F5 + Enter over and over. Once unlimited voting was turned off we used an IP masking program to keep voting repeatedly.

Congrats 9er fans. If the team does it's part, the billboards will be all over the bay area.

"CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 49ers FANS! You guys did it! Now it is up to your team to beat the Giants today for the next Tempt Destiny billboard to be created. Upon acceptance and approval of your gift from the 49ers organization, we will have your billboard on display in the San Francisco City area prior to SB XLVI. SPREAD THE WORD - 49ers fans tempted destiny for their team.

49'ERS - 54938 votes GIANTS - 39888 votes PATRIOTS - 24686 votes RAVENS - 54885 votes"
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