I'm sure everyone noted these great plays and how they resembled past great 9er moments culminating in the epic "Catch III" finale. It's just eery, surreal, deja vu...it was like our team was unconsciously paying homage to our greatness.

1. Donte Whitner hit: Can you just say "Ronnie Lott!". Also remember 49ers goalline stand vs. Bills (Plummer & Woodall).
2. Fast 17-0 start with 3 turnovers: Remember the 1994 NFC championship vs. the Cowboys and our 21-0 start?
3. Carlos Rogers 1 on 1 with Meachem or Colston on a deep pass by Brees--and he beautifully stops what would have been a touchdown catch: Ronnie Lott vs. the Rams in the '90 playoffs :)
4. Alex's bootleg: Alex's bootleg against Seattle in '06
5. Of course the catch III.