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Save the Stick!!!

Save the Stick!!!

Originally posted by Bejaard49er:
It take money to build championship caliber teams. Unfortunatley without the PSL (which I will be paying for several), boxes, etc.. we cannot get the talent we need to contend. In addition players expect state of the art pampering these days. I have many fond memories of the stick but it is 50+ years old, the city does not maintain it and over the next few years before the new stadium is built things will only get worse.

Think about it, we have not had a night game for years so the city didn't bother IMO with worrying about if the lights would work or not so what happens an Epic embarressment for the team, the city and fans.

Its been great but its time to move on

the bsl's are going to help pay for the stadium and are not solely used for the football team. i do agree players prefer better conditions. since i like many season ticket holders don't live in the area,i'm not a big fan of the bsl's. played the saints last year on mon. night football
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Originally posted by 9erB4Us:
Not to mention other historical events that occurred at the Stick....The Beatles played their ( I believe it was there last concert together as a band), Pope John Paul held Mass there, and of course the Great Willie Mays played baseball at the Stick. Then we have the Great Memories provided by the SF 49ers at the Stick. I just hope that the City of SF puts some kind of Memorial to note some of the City's Historical events that occured at Candlestick, when they tear it down, it would be a shame not to.

Lol. A Beatles concert? The pope? Those are not historical events. That's a stadium being used for what it was meant for - big crowds.

9/11 Memorial, that's a historical monument. Just playing devil's advy.
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