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Value of playmaking receivers...

Kyle Williams should NOT return kicks and punts, whoever thought it was good was wrong. Ginn would of been better had he not been hurt last week.

And WR in rd 1 is NEED #1
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not named kyle williams
CUT that idiot running back the third stringer. forget his name he sucks so much , he is overweight fat POS who couldnt get a yard on 3rd and 1 too, cut HIM cut kyle williams and F it cut ginn and try to find another returner cause ginn injury prone
Yes, our lack quality WRs has finally got up to us. We never really replaced Josh Morgan and then losing Edwards and Ginn (we had them both the last time we played the Giants) hurts us lot today.
Smh at not signing another Wr
Should have signed Owens
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Should have signed Owens
Should have signed Owens

Or Moss!!
dont compare him to a WR, owens wouldnt field a punt idiots, its ginn we missed
Owens would not have been returning punts....
Same results woulda happened if Owens was signed. This thread is stupid...lock it up
We should have rode the running game a lot more tonight. Frank I don't know, he had a decent game but I still don't think he is right. Kendall Hunter should have been utilized more I think as well. Kyle my man you had a rough day at the job. I know it's tough but it will get better. It will be rough but life goes on. I think our OC could have helped with better play calling for Alex. The bright side is that we seem to have found our QB of the future. Now all we need to do is to go get some WRs in the draft and focus on the secondary in free agency with our own guys and some new faces.
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