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Who do you want in the Superbowl?

Who do you want in the Superbowl?

More importantly . . . . Who do the NFL want in the SB??

A brothers Harbaugh fight where there will be no aerial attack just line em up smash em down slugfest, helmets flying, players limping . . . or

do the NFL want a repeat of the Pats and Giants? Where the NFL can show case to the world its aerial attack and 2 previous SB winners?? Which one will be a bigger draw card for the NFL?
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Originally posted by TXNinerFan52:
what's up with your wife's family? One of the guest was a bookie. With the Giants playing the 49ers next and Mongo Slade being from New York I'm sure Mongo Slade would like to place a bet.

Originally posted by jojonavy:
Ravens! I want revenge for the Thanksgiving game. That was one of the more painful games I watched. I spent it at my mother in laws house who was having a Thanksgiving party. One of the guests was a bookie who convinced me to bet on the game. Innocent enough. To my surprise, I was the only one at the party that was rooting for the Niners because everyone else had bet against them. So I had to endure the cheering as my beloved team got man handled. Very painful! It was even worse because I'm a fan and the opposition was cheering to make some money.

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