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How confident are you that we can beat the Giants?

How confident are you that we can beat the Giants?

I like the 49er's odds at home. They play very well at home and Alex Smith does his best playing at home because of the home crowd.
It will be tough game against the Giants but I still think they have a better shot of beating the Giants at home rather than Green Bay in that frozen tundra.

Whatever happens, the 49er's have done MORE than expected. Just winning their division was more than most of us expected ... especially with a rookie Head Coach. I just wonder how they're gonna top that off next year?

I'd be in serious shock if Jim Harbaugh doesn't win coach of the year.
My hopes for a Super Bowl victory this year took a huge leap this weekend! They have beaten the Giants already this season and neither the Ravens or NE are unbeatable. With the coaches they have I really think it is a distinct possibility. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

VD says that they took a huge step in trusting Harbaugh when, at half time in the Eagles game, instead of yelling the coaches were very calm and just said everyone just needs to be 1% better and we'll be alright. Great coaching!
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Voted somewhat. Though, I'm more confident winning this game than vs. the Packers.

Giants passing > Niners passing
Giants running < Niners running
Giants pass D = Niners pass D (seems even)
Giants run D < Niners run D
Giants ST < Niners ST

Based on that, I have 49ers winning 3 of 5 categories and when you add home field advantage, you gotta like our chances in this one.

Trust me on this ... we have a better passing defense. Maybe not statistically, but definitely. People keep discounting the caliber of teams we've beaten over the course over the season ... I'm a true believer.

We have a better overall defense, and not only that but our defense is the hardest hitting defense in the NFL and they generate turnovers. The turnovers the Giants got against Green Bay were really gifts. The giants didn't force any of them.
We gonna win this game! this is the dream scenario! To play at home during the playoffs! Take everything! Give nothing!
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seriously too much talent! goldson and rogers needs to be on there as well!
Granted they earn their way into the postseason but This is the same Giants Team that lost to Charlie Whitehurst & the Seattle Seachickens & Rex Grossman & Washington Redskins in their own crib. (last time i checked the Niners beat them all!) Which wishy washy NY Giants is going to show up @ the Stick on Sunday.. that is the question?
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Its 50-50. I thought the Giants were the better team compared to GB. But we get them at home. That means a lot. This game will be tough. But after what we saw Sat there is no reason that we should not think we have a chance to win it.

This, the Giants are hot and their front 4 on defense is problematic. Having the game at home, and being able to practice in the elements this week, should help. If the offense can put together a few drives like from the 4th quarter, and not many like the 3rd, it should be the desired result!
Chris Culliver will be healthier than Vs. the Saints I like him to shutdown Cruz or Hicks
They get pressure from their front 4 and can drop people back in coverage instead of blitz a lot like the Saints. I don't think they will put 8 men in the box to stop the run after what we did Saturday. Therefore, the run will be there for us if we can take advantage of it. Also, as good as they were against Green Bay at take aways, we are still better at it than anybody in the league.

Remember, this week 10 game is the same one that Teddy Ginn gift-wrapped an INT for them. That shouldn't happen again
I chose VERY confident because I am indeed VERY CONFIDENT we will beat the Giants. However, I don't think we'll win handily. It'll be a close one.
I think it will be really close, the first game was saved by Justin Smith making a great play when the Giants were driving. Much like the Saints game a lot of it will come down to whether our d-line can get pressure on Eli, if they can then we should get at least 2 picks as while Eli is a great QB he will always make a few poor throws each game.
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Giants are traveling again, that plays a huge part.

Giants didn't have Bradshaw, great we didn't have Gore, and we still beat them.

Walker is back, who to me was the biggest factor in the Week 10 matchup.
Very confident. The biggest x factor will be the coaching. Harbaugh is a few steps ahead of the rest of the league right now in creativity.

We are going to win the Super Bowl.

I'm looking forward to the America's Game about this year. I will like to hear Alex's persective on his rocky career. A year ago he was practically booed out of town. A year later, he has a ring.

Truth is stranger than fiction.
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