I am a 32 year Niner fan. I started watching football when i was 4 years old. My Dad was/is a Rams fan. I grew up in the Idaho/Utah mountain area. I decided to like the Niners due to the fact that was the Rams Rival during that time. The rest is history. My DAD Said " you pick a team and you stick with them." Ok well here I am back to the present. I was so excited for the game all week. I wasn't going to let anything get in my way of really being able to sit down and watch it. So ok life happens. My daughter(10years old) has been waiting to have a surgery on her knees and foot to correct some issues she has been dealing with for 7 years. The surgery gets scheduled for thursday 12Jan so one night in the hospital then home on the 13th in the evening then watch the game with her and the rest of the fam (she loves the niners as well) Then life happens she doesn't recover well and ends up being held in the hospital for an extra day. I realize my plan in jeapardy for the game. Long story short. I watched the game with my Wife, and Two Daugters in a hospital room in the heart of Seahwak land. (threw up in my mouth there typing that word) the problem is the TV is a 19 inch non HD tv and the sound only comes out of the hand held thing for the patient in the hospital. So I watched every twist and turn and hard hit with my little Niner fan holding a little speaker next each of our ears rooting and yelling what an exciting game and what an experience to share with my daughter. When it was all over she says. "Dad, After watching that I am going to be ok. Thanks for watching it with me go NINERS."