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This is the most pride I've ever felt for my team...

I watched the 1998 victory over the Packers where Steve Young threw the game-winner to Terrell Owens. I watched the Wild Card win over the Giants where we came back from a huge deficit. But I have to say, that this year's squad is the 49ers team I've been most proudest of.

In 2004, the year we went 2-14, we had hit rock-bottom. We were the worst team in the league. Our franchise was in disarray. We hated our owners. Terry Donahue destroyed our team. We didn't have a head coach. No quarterback. Anemic offense. We were a shell of what we used to be.

And then when we cleaned house--new coaching staff, new front office... we brought in Alex Smith... Frank Gore... Vernon Davis... Patrick Willis... Joe Staley... Justin Smith... all those guys. It was never easy those first couple years. We lost a lot of games. Alex Smith got crapped on by his coaches, the fans, and by all of us. Frank Gore suffered some pretty bad injuries. Vernon Davis had his growing pains. We had bad coaches. It looked like we were never gonna get it right. It felt like we were going to have to clean house, start all over, and rebuild once again.

And then Harbaugh came... Alex Smith decided to give it another shot. We started to win. We beat the Seahawks in Week 1. We came from behind on the Eagles and the Lions. We beat Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. We clinched the #2 seed in the playoffs. And now we've beaten arguably the hottest team in the league.

I'm proud of our guys. They've had to deal with so much. They've been dissed on by the media, and sometimes even their own fans. It's gratifying to know that we drafted Alex Smith... Frank Gore... Vernon Davis... we watched them grow-up from fresh-faced young rookies on the laughingstock of the NFL, to one of the ELITE teams in the league.
Agreed, this win was mores satisfying than either of the two games listed above. I still think the best win I've witnessed (outside of the Superbowls) was our beating the Cowboys on the way to our last Superbowl. But the way this team was built and just seems to keep winning in spite of getting little to no respect is very inspiring, and I'm very proud to be a Niner fan today.
So great to be a 49ers fan everyday!
I'm only 20, so this is easily the most memorable 49er moment of my life!
This is the third day I've had my 49er jersey on. Amazing game. An all around epic performance, and you can't end a game better.
Originally posted by Byisgod:
I'm only 20, so this is easily the most memorable 49er moment of my life!

I'm glad to see the younger generation of fans get a taste of glory . . . finally. You guys deserve it.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
I'm glad to see the younger generation of fans get a taste of glory . . . finally. You guys deserve it.

Same, I only began seriously watching in 2004 (I'm 19). I was so used to perpetual losing, but still loved my 49ers. This is a great feeling, and I am so proud of our team.
i was young when the TO catch happened. this is easily my best niner memory
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I was old enough for all of our SB wins, but somehow, this hit my top 4 excitement level for niner games, in no particular order:

1) Yesterday's game (obviously)
2) The playoff game (I think) against the cowboys where we were up 21-0 in the first quarter and eventually won
3) The playoff game against the Giants with Garcia, coming back from that huge defiicit
4) The Packers game with the Catch II

I'd have to say though that I've never yelled and screamed and jumped and convulsed like I did yesterday. My brother and I were going nuts. And my mini-dauchshund didn't know how to handle it so she kept attacking me.
I was at The Catch game in '82 saw The Catch 2 game and now this.

This one was the 2nd best of them all. When they showed that stat of teams records in the playoffs that force 4+ turnovers their record was 71-1.

That only team that won with having committed more than 4 turnovers was the '81 49ers ??

Am I right ?? T hey had 6 turnovers ??

My wife let me have rape sex last ngith with her!! I LOVE YOU 49ERS!!
Originally posted by tohara3:
So great to be a 49ers fan everyday!

I can't stop crying, the morning after
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I got the custom license plate "49ERSWIN" on my car 8 years ago, when nobody wanted it, because they would never win. Every time I'd change cars, I'd move the licesne plate to the car I drive. People would make fricking comments to me all the time. NOW, I'm going to log 20,000 miles a year in this city and shove it down everyone's throat!!! If I had a way of putting niner flags all over my car, I'd do that too. Man am I proud right now.
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