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They missed a huge helmet to helmet hit when Whitner hit Pierre Thomas to cause that fumble on the first drive when they were about to i think it was a pretty fair reffed game overall.

Only on defenseless players
Man you have to go way back to find a game (playoff game) where a team did not get called for 1 penalty. That is pathetic on the NFL's part especially when 63 passes are called. Seeing that you can call a holding penalty on almost any play these days. There are so many Saints Fans complaining. That is a huge break. We used to say in basketball if you dont commit at least 2 fouls your just not playing hard. To much finesse by the Saints, the bottom line we got penalized because our team played aggressive, we came to hit and hit hard. Ive been boxing most my life, have had 179 amateur fights. I can tell you this, We zapped the soul right out of the Saints. When you land that big blow right at the beginning, that guy knows its gonna be a long night. He knows you came to fight, fight hard and spill as much blood as you have to, to get a win. This was the greatest Niner game ive seen! We took major risks and thats how you win titles!! We didnt worry about the Refs, even though they were terrible. We worried about The Team! The Team! The Team!
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What about the down by contact on the int which brought the ball back 30 yards (and out of scoring range) just before half time? Was at the game but looked like a major bad call to me.

It looked like he touched Brown as they both fell to the ground on the TV replay

Looked clean at the game, but no replay on it, so did not know for sure.

Okay, so I saw it again...I don't know about the down by contact.
If John Harbaugh's team wins the AFC-CG, anyone think the refs will have an unspoken favoritism to "help out" the Niners & set up HarBowl II?
All I'm saying is that at least we didn't get the bad calls the NY Giants got against the Pack.

THOSE WERE THE WORST CALLS I'VE EVER SEEN, EVER! That game shouldn't have even been close. The refs literally gave them 14 points.
I agree .... i think there is a a few refs or entire crews on the take in this league, and i've thought it ever since the Seahawks vs Steelers Super Bowl ever since then i'm convinced the refs are watching and protecting the Vegas lines ... in the last few years i've watched so many bad calls in garbage time that effect the line in one way or another... i find it hard to believe it's not being noticed by the upper level officials in this league... i think they know it's going on but would never address it because it would be a massive scandal that would rock the league.
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There was that obvious delay of game by the Saints where they were given the timeout eventhough they called it too late and ran a (third down play which was an incomplete pass). Result of it penalty, they get their timeout and a do over of their 3rd down.

I actually think that helped us more then hurt us. If the Saints didn't get that timeout, they might of had a chance to work down the field for a FG (would have been tight time wise, but possible with two timeouts).
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