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THE CATCH 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Remember back in training camp when the 49ers practiced "The Catch" and failed?

I did. It just makes this one even more magical, because it proves that Alex and the O could do it.
Never have I cried over a game we've won... This was the BEST game I've ever seen... Live on 9ers!
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I also got all teary eyed, especially when they showed Montana to Clark.

This was the official "The Catch3"!!!
I still cannot breathe... I'm still crying...
The catch was 3rd and three, and so was this! History repeats itself!
my gosh, i'm still taken back............. Go Niners!
so happy I drop a few tears!!! amazing so proud for alex!!!! go niners

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Man when vernon cried I got teary eyed

We want Carr!!!!!
omg ive never been so happy to be a niner since the steve young/terrell owens catch
Cut Alex
Originally posted by Canadian49er:
Cut Alex a check for at least 5 million a year.

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This is our best chance at a Superbowl since 1998. We all knew in the early 00s we had no real chance to win it all. Jim Harbaugh has to be a top 5 coach in the league.
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