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When was the last time you were this excited for a 49ers game?

More like when was the last time I was THIS worried before a niners game -_____-
Its been a long time since I been this excited for a game. Probably the last playoff game against the Bucs.

I actually kind of have butterflies in my stomach like Im playing in the game or something. Also this is first playoff Im going to so that makes this even more exciting.
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Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Personally, I would have to say back in the NFC Championship game against Dallas during the 94-95 season. How about you?

Vikings game two years ago, i broke my headset in disgust after the Favre TD
Before That the Giants game in 2002
The must win game last year, and then Sing started Troy Smith. No offense to Troy, but that was such a deflating decision.
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
Only thing missing is Joe Starkey announcing the game. That'd bring back some memories.

i miss starkey and his bonaza sayings!
I havent been this excited since the NFC Championship days against the Cow Pokes. They used to be our only hurdle to the Super Bowl. Once we overcame that hurdle and won our last Super Bowl, then the Fudge Packers became our next nemesis. Man i hated Favre and the Pack, they picked up our offensive scheme from Holmgren and ran away with it. Still hate them now with Rodgers shining in our offensive scheme. Sometimes i think, what and where would they be if Holmgren never went there and incorporated the WCO. Oh well, still hate the Fudge Packers!!!!!

Go 49ers!
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Originally posted by zeppfan1:
The Giants game this year

Yup. Brought back some good feelings.
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In 2002 I was used to the play-off type atmosphere, because we were always there. Playoffs were pretty much automatic so I got pretty much used to it. I was always excited before hand but it's been such a long time. Sticking with this team through the last 8 years has been tough, but at the same time pretty interesting. I really don't think I can get much more excited than I am right now. Especially after the long bye week off. As people were saying it's feels great to be back. Find out tomorrow how legit we really are. Go Niners!!!
Heck, I got excited in November when I realized that I wasn't looking forward to the NFL Draft yet as I had in years past!

i get excited for every game. I'm nervous as hell about tomorrow. Can't wait! By far, the biggest game in over a decade for this franchise.
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Since We had García and t.o back in 02 season
I post a pic of my tat check it out
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it might be the Super Bowl vs the Chargers the last time I was this pumped.
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