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Mexico City Ninners Fans

We are about to show all those cowboys and steelers fans in Mexico (rooting for the saints), who their daddy is.

Never herad of a Saint's fan down here jajaja

Go NINNERS!!!!!!!
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they call them the ninners in mehico?
WTF is a Ninner?
shout out to all my people in mexico city. Stayed a week during the summer at the presidente intercontinental hotel in the polanco district. Best time of my life.
My mistake I'm just to exited bout saturday's game
Represent!!! WAR HARBAUGH!!!
you sure? You spelled it the same way as your name?
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Orale Guey...Try slowing down on the tequila and try using spell cheK holmes...chinga tu madre! jejeje
que pasa cabron!
Ninner ninnner ninnner

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Originally posted by AyYoJoey:
WTF is a Ninner?

its an Alejandro Smith
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maybe he's a fan of Ninner
Originally posted by boast:
maybe he's a fan of Ninner

What sucks is he's so noob AND he may need to request his handle be edited.
stop kidnapping people down there and leaving them in oceans ;P
way to welcome a new fan guys. pinchi bola de jotos.
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