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Niners 1st offensive play against the Saints

1yd TD run by Dixon (after a turnover by justin smith on saints 1st drive)
bubble screen to crabtree for 12 yards followed by malcom jenkins talking s**t cant stand that dude.
red right tight, sprint right option.

Saints first play should be play action. They'll come out throwing.
Fake punt 99 yd td pass lee to akers
hey why didnt i think of this thread---oh, i did

i would like to start out with a bang, so id like to see ginn in motion, fake reverse, and quick out to crabtree, who then laterals to a trailing ginn, for the ole hook and ladder
bounce pass off anthony dixons big ass head into crabtrees hands, three stiff arms later, TD NINERS!!!
play action seam route to VD for 40 yards
halfback pass from Gire to Venrom!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, PA roll out smith pitches the ball to joe montana who runs from the bench he chucks it 99 yards (we are at the one because of a block in the back penalty) randomly in the air, jerry rice jumps off of a helicopter catches the ball and lands into the endzone in the time span of 1.2 seconds
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Victory kneel.

Frank Gore up the middle for 5 yards.
WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by defenderDX:
WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!

lol wtf
97 yard field goal by David Akers
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The call a timeout before the ball is snapped alex didn't like the defense he see's
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