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Niners 1st offensive play against the Saints

Kaepernick audibles to a timeout.
Better be a handoff to Gore or else it's going to be an incomplete pass
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7 yard slant to Mario.
Gore runs behind Boone for 3 yards.
whatever the play is, someone will get a concussion.
what would jimmy raye do? seems like that who is calling plays these days again for the 49ers.

but what about some bootlegs or screens why do we have no of these. its like tecmo bowl playbook but even worse. i say bruce miller 2 yard pass haha lets go already
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Question: Does anybody ever check back here to see if any of us got it right? lol
Delay of game
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:

While I love the concept. This play only results in a 5 yard penalty for the niners.

Kaepernick pass to Crabtree on a slant. Crabtree breaks two tackles and runs 60 yards after the catch for a TD.

Nothing creative.

Gore off tackle.
Screen pass to Gore for 5 yard loss. Then Harbaugh can say in the post game that they tried it and it didn't work and that's why they went back to their other lame a$$ plays.
gore on a trap play for 3 yards
kap gets instant pressure, runs back into the endzone, gets his by Harelson, fumbles TD Parys.
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