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See my take on what happened last time the Saints hit the 'Stick.

This is my parody on NFL Films...I hope you appreciate the humor - check out the "Majic Beanie"! GO NINERS!!!!!
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As someone who has been on the webzone since Jan of 2005 I am getting sick of seeing all these crappy unnecessary threads made by people with little posts (even some with big post counts). Time to put a minimum post count limit before being able to make a thread. One week rule right now isn't cutting it... post count would be better. Not saying these new members can't make good threads but for the most part it would cut out the clutter and garbage. Let them get to know the forums and how it works before making a thread.

Edit: I would have put this in the We all know" qigong"? thread but it's locked. This thread I have no idea what it's about either. I am guessing they forgot a link???
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