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If you were JH what would be you strategy to defeat saints?

Originally posted by 49Fever:
One more thing : lets hope for some wild wind so brees will be ineffective

That and rain. Lots and lots of rain.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Kill Drew Brees

i second that
pass rush, pass rush pass rush. Control the clock on O.
Send Chilo out on defense, have him mug Drew Brees. Knock Brees out of the game & Chilo gets ejected, it a win-win.
Always look like we are blitzing...on vurtually every down but rarely bring more than 4, when we do blitz it needs to be up the middle. Also, play nickel and dime defense for 80% of the game and make them run the ball 40+ times. Occasionally, e need to drop a ton of people into coverage and pray that we get to the QB with three guys. Lastly, we must control the time of possession with a ball control offense. This is how we beat Marino and how the Giants beat the Bills. When teams like New Orleans are beat this is how it is done. The difficult thing is New Orleans is going to stack the box and make us throw...this is their strategy and it is a good one...they force people into shootouts...this is exactly what New England and Green Bay does too.
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unleach Aldon on his ass !
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Run the football and keep the Saints Offense on the sideline. When their offense is in we need to beat the crap out of Bree's carefully because he is one of the golden boys in the NFL and they won't hesitate to throw a flag!
Assume that if you play the saints straight up, you will lose. catch them by surprise if the situation warrants it.

Fake field goal.

Fake punt if 4th and 2 and you are past the Saints 45.

Maybe even an onsides kick for the first kick off.

Go for it on 4th down. Assume that if the Saints have the ball they can drive to the point of the punt within 3 snaps. Assuming you are on the 50 or more of the Saints.

On defense have a bend but not break mentality. Never let someone get deep, always have defender in front of you. Have the MLB or DT drop into coverage every once in a while to pray for an easy pick.

Score TD's in the rez zone.
Must get to Brees up the middle and on his blind-side. Must wrap him up. He's nifty in the pocket and does have some mobility. He's playing more like Joe Montana than Tom Brady. Sees everything down field. He has better arm then Montana. If we give him time he will pick us apart. Their game against the Panthers showed us what not to do against Brees. We must have good to very good safety play. Those balls down the sideline were made because the safety was late. Physical, tight coverage, never assumed that you've got his receiver covered, along with pressure up front is our chance. They may catch some but DB must tackle. Jump in his throwing lanes don't give him a clear view. I don't condone injuries but this is the playoff, we need to take out Darren Sproles wheels. Or at the very least give him a concussion so he sees 2 defenders instead of one.

I have no idea how to attack their defense. They didn't have to show up for quite a few games now.
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Originally posted by 49ercrusher:
After watching the saints games, I noticed that no team has corner blitz brees,the try to put pressure in the middle but no success ,what would be you strategy to stop em....Any thoughts..?

Good Question...

My couch coaching would be as follows:

O: Strive for ball control. I would spread the saints D out with spread formations then hammer the rock. Use the TE's or K.Hunter/Gore As 3rd & 4th WR. Run draws and slash plays. Keep them honest with motions and sweeps. They stack the box hit them with screens, quick slants. Alex has been calling 2 plays in the huddle if he is always in the spread (at least initial gameplan) that is where he is at his best.
Overall- Score more points than the Saints and keep the ball out of Brees hand.

D: Make them beat us running. Come out in a 4-2-5. Play Alll-Done Smith & Brooks as DE (Contain Brees in the pocket) R.Mac and Cowboy in the middle tell them to pin there ears back, leaves P-Willy and Bowman patroling mid-field...... And here comes our secondary.. you play 2 deep safety and tell your Safeties you will pay for the fines but to hit anything that moves ( alligator arms by the 2nd Q). Im not about injuries, JUST the intimidation.. Let our CB's play press and tell them to play press for 60min. Rogers/Spencer are playing for next job opp, they will give it there best. T.Brown has done a solid job and has got some bad calls against him, knows he might get bumped up the chart with a great game..T.Brock i dont have much opinion on him..
Overall- Play more physical than the saints, and to the whistle. They are slower on grass, must get pressure on Brees. And replay the game from last yr. Manusky knows Brees very well and schemed him perfect....

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I believe the 49ers have usually used the nickel against the Saints the previous two years. The 4 man front has to get pressure, defensive backs have to be physical and mess up the timing. Sproles coming out of the backfield is a concern and Jimmy Graham size presents alot of problems for the 49ers.

Offensively the 49ers have to sustain long scoring drives and score more TD than field goal when they get in the redzone.
Agree with Pasodoc on most of his post. Would add that the 9ers DBs have been supporting run coverage very well this year and they need to continue this. Using Aldon on almost every play would be wise but remember--he can't play back as well as the vets. The DLine has to know when to get their hands up to block Brees lanes (they have been doing with well).

On offense the 9ers have to pick up the blitz so it is good that a number of teams have used blitzes so much against the 9ers this year...good practice. The preseason game showed a veteran D against an O that was an infant learning to crawl. Now the O is an adolescent...need to mature quickly or be handed their hats. OLine needs to be helped out by game plan...sprint outs, quick passes, tricky run plays to the outside...etc.

I would like to see some two back sets with Gore and Hunter, show power right and alternate counters with Hunter.
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stop the run, drop 10 into coverage in 3rd and longs.
Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
I dont know what my strategy would be...i wouldnt have one. Cause im not Jim Harbaugh,

same my stradegy is to drink beer and pray for a win.. maybe mix drinks instead i dont know.
kill Drew Brees
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