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2012 NFC Divisional Game vs. New Orleans Saints Gameday Thread

It's on!

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bring on the Saints.
Lets go Saints
it's time, to hell with that saints fear...they gotta come to candlestick, time for a beatdown, niner style
I can't wait for the niner to rip the 'aints a new one next week. It will be glorious.
katrina aint' got nothing on what p-willy is gonna serve em
Who dat!? Who dat!? Who dat stole the Bengals chant!?
Now we can beat the Saints to go on to beat GB and nobody can say we beat scrubs, we will take our respect!
bring on the saints.
Looks like the Saints are coming to town.

fill in the blank officially with the Aints
Jesus drew Breez looked good
Originally posted by 49ermark:
Jesus drew Breez looked good

this is what we waited 10 years for, screw your rational though, this is all out war now, to &&^$$*^% with the AINTS
BRING IT TAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn bro, i was hoping the lions could pull it off. here we go, we get to see goldson get exposed.

Maybe spencer will see the field finally.
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