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Surprised me that McDonald was so dependable and Soap did so well in the middle. Can't believe these guys have been this good!
Originally posted by andes14:
I'm really surprised that Sopoaga didn't get serious pro bowl consideration. The nose is by far the most important aspect of run D when you have a 3-4 scheme and we have a LEGENDARY run D, arguably the best ever, and yet they chose Raji instead and Green Bay gets consistently gashed in the run game. I believe they give up nearly 5 yards per carry.

Ty... I thought I was the only one who voted for the guy... He'll have to play another good year for people to notice him like J. Smith before he got noticed
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
I can't recall who said it, but on the Pro Bowl slection show one of the NFLN analysts said Raji was one of the few undeserving NFC selections.

I agree, I was shocked when I saw his name on the PB list
Originally posted by sfout:
You're correct because they want to consider it a 4-3 scheme for the pro bowl they classify the 3-4 DEs as DTs and only listed Ray Mac and Justin.

Huh? B.J. Raji is a 3-4 nose. Casey Hampton, Jamal Williams, etc. have each made a ton of pro bowls as 3-4 noses...
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