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Season Ticket Holders! We get extra tickets!

How in the blue hell is it possible for there to be none already?
total b******t. the ticket office is gonna hear something from me.
nada, wtf?
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Originally posted by OO9ers:
Originally posted by NONAME:
Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available on

Even for one ticket in any section!

WTF this is b******t

just got a second e-mail from the 9ers announcing it and still no tickets!

Same here. Literally tried at 10:00:01
Bupkis. sucks.
Good its not just me...
Brutal. There was another thing for Visa Signatures to get tickets. If they got in before season ticket holders, that's BS.
sometimes tickets get locked up, probably due to the people that buy solely to sell them. However, I have been trying for the last 10 minutes and nothing.
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Sent Matt @ 49ers ticket sales a nice email! Very Pissed!

Tickets were open to anyone with a VISA yeah..all gone in literally 1 second according to the guy I spoke to at Ticketmaster.
Can't even get 1? You can't tell me all the singles are gone too...
you can only buy 1 tickets, I got one in LE 39 THAT WAS IT!!
BTW he confirmed all pre-sale tickets are not bother calling for them.
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