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Potential 49ers Super Bowls that never happened.

It's 91, hands down.

Nothing can top that. That was our three-peat. Everything was setup for the 49ers to make history and it all came crashing down on 3 plays

Montana getting drilled
Craig's fumble
The FG to win the game

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91 by far.
1990 easily. Best team on the poll that lost.

This year even with the loss they exceeded expectations.
Looking at this list, today's ranks a distant 4th. But that's no consolation at the moment.
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It's early and I'm bitter/pissed/whatever.

But its gotta be this game and here's why:

1) We came out of nowhere this year. The '90 game was crushing, but we had experienced greatness and continued to do so for nearly a decade afterwards. We had forgotten what being in this position feels like, and it was magical. After the Sain'ts game, it seemed like were a team of destiny. And then we got the home game. Numerous times in the game itself it seemed like this was meant to be. There is no guarantee we'll be back, with an improving division and NFC and numerous FAs on D. It's unlikely the stars will align for us like this again

2) Williams' 2 fumbles. Craig only had 1. On the first, he just needs to run away; on the 2nd he could have fair caught it. Regardless, neither play needed to happen. Literally doing nothing at all would have been better than what Williams did. The first turnover killed momentum when we were set up to run some clock at the very least; the 2nd ended the game, and our season. But the first fumble could've been recovered by Williams, had he not chose to play it cool and act like nothing happened.

3) Numerous missed opportunities, on O and D. Smith overthrew Williams early for a TD (assuming he caught it, though the way he played later suggests it may not have happened). 2 definite missed INTs because of Goldson flying around like a missile (by no means his fault, he was just doing his job, but bad luck). Several other near INTs if not for slipping.

4) Inexplicable and inexcusable play calling late. We were gashing them with the run, all game. It started with giving Dixon 2 carries. Then we didn't even try to run after the FG drive. They could not stop Gore, nor Hunter. We run the ball, even after the 1st fumble, and we win the game. No doubt in my mind. The entire contingent of niner fans was calling for the run, and IT. NEVER. CAME.

5) The D and Vernon Davis (and Gore) played their goddamn hearts out. I don't know if I've ever been prouder of a group of guys. They deserved this.

6) I know "you win as a team, you lose as a team" and "the better team always wins" BUT we were the better team today, all things considered. We gave this game away, moreso than any team I've ever seen. Regardless of what happened before the 1st fumble, when the punt was in the air, we were in control of the game. He does nothing at all, and we run the ball and kill some clock. The D was in beast mode at this point.

I hope this loss sticks in JH's craw all offseason and he makes the rest of the NFL pay next season...
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

I hope this loss sticks in JH's craw all offseason and he makes the rest of the NFL pay next season...

Not without some ahole that can get open. And that... is for sure... Nothin good about this, nothin it's freaking 0 get it, clear...
f**k 5-3. I'll take 5-0 everyday. I only want to make the superbowl if we're gonna win. f**k losing a SB.
Originally posted by DJD:
That 98 game was the one Heartz went down with a broken leg in the starting drive of the game. I knew that instant that it was over. Remember it like it was yesterday.. and in hind sight it was the play and injury that brought the dynasty to it's end. Here's to a new one!!

Nah, the play that brought the dyansty to an end was in Arizona on the MNF game where Young's career ended.

'90 and '92 are they two that still stick with me. Those losses were right in the middle of the dynasty run. I guess if I had to pick just one I would go with the 1990 just because it essentially Joe's career with us. However, I really loved that '92 squad. While tonight's loss is really painful, It sort of feels like the begining of something special.
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I'm surprised that the 92 Dallas game didn't score higher. For me any loss to Dallas especially on a big stage hurts twice as much.
Since I was too young and wasn't a fan until '94, this year would be the worse. I know '91 was brutal.
1. 91 NFC championship game The Craig Fumble

2. 93 NFC championship game getting beat by Dallas for second straight year.

3. 87 Loss to the Vikings in the playoffs. That team was loaded and everybody thought we were going all the way.

4. 83 Loss the Redskins in the playoffs we got screwed by the Refs big time in that one.

5. 98 Playoff loss to Falcons when Hearst breaks his leg on the first play of the game. If he was health we would have won the superbowl.

6. Mulitple losses to Packers (favre) in the playoffs in the 90s.

This current loss probably ranks somewhere in the top 3.
This is the worst loss. Not easy to get here in this era. We lucked out by getting a home game. Who knows, next year we may need to beat an improved PHI, GB, or New Orleans.
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