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As for the whole "it's so early" argument, ya, it is. But I'm working under the assumption that his game won't dramatically regress or that he won't suffer any major injuries. But let's play the hypothetical game and say he's a FA after this year, would you give him that $8-10M per year and $25M+ guaranteed, or would you rather save that money and play Grant or a draft pick next to Pat in 2012?
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I agree! when you have young players playing at an elite level, it totally makes sense to not pay them fair value and let them leave while you gamble on replacing them in the draft. Makes SO MUCH SENSE.

I don't understand what's so funny...Asante Samuel was a great player for the Pats and they let him go to the Eagles, but I guess the Pats are a poorly run team.

yup the Pats have a lights out defense
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