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Forty Niners first offensive plays against Seattle

false start on all the offensive linemen.

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Home run
Frank Gore running behind the our left guard for 3 yards. Lol
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Kap takes the snap in the pistol, spikes the ball, and just starts twerking as hard as he f**king can

That would be funny. But also intentional ground in and loss of down, which isn't funny.

First time watching football this year...since when does a spike after the snap cause intentional grounding


Second play, another spike, followed by the entire offensive line twerking -- led byJoe Staley. Team unity at its finest.

Gore off tackle.

I think we're really going to establish the run game at the outset.
Run Kap to the right sideline with blockers and have him fire a line drive right into the face of one of the loud mouth punk a## seahawk fans. Make it look like he missed his receiver.

Resume play.
Screen to Gire, 20 yards
Timeout...PA tells crowd to STFU
aldon smith drop kick to russell wilsons face
Quick out to Boldin

Run up the middle into a 10 man stacked box. 0 yards.
crabtree 80 yard td. weakhawks cry
Boldin goes right for Dick's head & twists helmet as hard as possible breaking his neck. Is sentenced to 5 years but it was worth it.
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LMJ kickoff return for a TD. 1st play will be the read option that Kaep will keep for a 4 yard gain.
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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Timeout...PA tells crowd to STFU

No DOUBT, this will happen!!
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