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Forty Niners first offensive plays against Seattle

Gore up the gut, I think its time to put the toughness back into the offense, 300 pound linemen with a bruising back like gore, time to get tough, lol ....release the Kraken, lol
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Whatever play it is I predict we don't even get it off because someone will go offsides due to the crowd noise.
Kaep throws a pick 6 to Richard Sherman
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Check down to Vancy Pants, he fumbles, picked up by Kilgore whom laterals it to Kaep who runs 5 yards backwards and is tackled.
Read option to Gore for 21 yards
Whatever it is, stay with Kap under center so lineman can hear. Go with a pro set 30% of time, quick hitters up the middle. Use Hunter for pitches, flareouts. Go spread boldin/davis/macdonald/patton. Go spread boldin davis/Williams/patton/Baldwin. Then hand off to gore quick hitter. Snap with 10 seconds on clock for entire first series. Have a pro set millergore. Fake Gore quick hitter, sneak a ball to Miller over MLB. Or fake-blocking Vern over LB's. Do stuff like this. Please. Do not go with jumbotron formations until you can feel the flow of the game mid-2nd quarter and we have 10 pt lead.
Kap takes the snap in the pistol, spikes the ball, and just starts twerking as hard as he f**king can
Originally posted by swayze:
Kap takes the snap in the pistol, spikes the ball, and just starts twerking as hard as he f**king can

I say the 49ers are going to want to make a statement. Probably a big pass down the sideline to Vernon Davis on a wheel route. If Kaep can't find him, he will have Boldin over the middle on a deep crossing route which should confuse the safety into covering Vernon, leaving Anquan wide open.
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I expect a short pass followed by a run. I think the short passing game can be very effective. So in other words, Kaep has to play like he is Alex Smith.

False start on AD as they snap the ball with 1 sec left.
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Play-action pass to Boldin for 7 yards.
Timeout San Francisco
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Timeout San Francisco

Annexation of Puerto Rico.
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