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Forty Niners first offensive plays against Seattle

Smith 3 step drop, quick out to williams
play action pass to Crabtree for 65 yards
a TE screen to Davis for 19 yards
Gore run to the left for 4 yards
screen pass to kendall hunter for 30 yards
It's really refreshing knowing that Gore up the middle isn't how we start off all our drives now. That being said, three step drop by Alex and a quick out to Crabs.
VD and Smith's Dime play they hit down the seam.. Then run run run Field goal :P
80 yd screen pass TD to Gire
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False Start
Gore over left tackle with attitude, gain eleven yards

First down- WR reverse. Five yard gain.
2nd down- handoff to gore up the middle. No gain.
Third down- sack
Fourth Down- 47 yard punt.
We wont have an offensive play all game.

Kyle Williams will return every Punt/Kickoff for a touchdown.
Alex juking every seattle defender on a 105 yd QB scramble
Originally posted by DRnSFw:
False Start

laughing aside,it's possible this will happen a few times in arguably the loudest stadium in the NFL
It better be a Gore Power-O
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