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Roethlisberger: I was 49ers best player

Even if Roethlisberger
Originally posted by joebbadass:
Than you Ben. Your pride and toughness were a proud display for a national the 9ers beat you down like an over-sized, immobile punching bag.

I just saw him say this. Kind of silly but I can see his perspective, I mean his turnovers did lead to 13 points, and they were bad turnovers. But we still would have won without them. I only see them scoring a field goal on the first int drive they had, which still wouldn't have been enough to win if we scored none of the points off the turnovers.

He still should have given some credit to the defense however.
Hes got a point. 3 turnovers and 13 points of them. I'd say Aldon was our best performer then Ben
I cannot argue against the man. He did help us alot by playing on a bad ankle.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I cannot argue against the man. He did help us alot by playing on a bad ankle.

But he's always injured. Not a legit excuse.
cry me a river, we will call it the "Big Rape"
Thats what he gets for thinking hes cool playing on a broken ankle, idiot.

He does this every year, he gets injured and tries playing with it and performs well, well this time he played a great defense and played like crap. He needs to gtfo with these stupid comments.
rapistberger's fedora in the locker room made his face look hu-f**king-mungous

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rapistberger should b in jail
Give Ben some credit. He did help with the game. he was not very accurate, wasn't his mobile self and helped pad Aldon Smiths Numbers. I'm glad he was too stubborn to give another QB a little game time. Apparently they don't feel the 2nd stringer is as good or better than Ben with a club leg.
I've actually always liked Big Ben, but yeah that shows some real lack of class. That is NOT taking responsibility for the loss, that is taking a cheap shot at the players that just beat you into the ground. He's not giving the 49ers any credit for making plays, he's saying he gave them those plays.
"I am the NFL's biggest rapist"- Big Ben
You guys should read the entire quote.

"I was probably the best 49er tonight. We drive down the field opening drive and I don't get back deep enough on the drop. I have to try to get it in there and throw it as quick as I can because (receiver) Mike [Wallace] is downfield and rushed it and should have held onto it. The second one was one of those high balls that I made it too hard for (tight end) Heath (Miller) and he just tips it up into the air. The last one I was just trying to take a shot down the field. It's just frustrating on my part when you feel you let the guys down and you blow it."

What exactly did he say wrong. He was specifically talking about the 3 picks he threw and letting his team down. If Alex Smith threw three picks and the 49ers lost, I'm sure everyone on this board would be blaming him for the loss...and they would probably be correct.
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