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Nickname for the 49ers' Defense...

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
MythBusters......cos they crush the overrated

and they dissprove east-cost "media" who don't know $hit!

(+ that show is, or was, filmed in the Bay Area)
Code Red (this is that sh*t pimpin)
Bay Day (another banger brother brought to you by PITO....yessir!
The Bold Gold (they keep coming and coming and etc.)
The Scarlet Machine
The Gold Standard
The York Right (do your homework Jed York owner rightttttt!) let's go niners lets get that chip!!!!!
based on our issues Monday night, of course
The Predators
The Yellow Brick Wall.

What is best in life?
The open steppe?
A fleet horse?
Falcons at your wrist?
What is best in life?
To crush your enemies,
See them driven before you,
And to hear the lamentation
of their women...

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The Body Snatchers
The Red Dead Redemption
Fangio's Armada
Fangio's Golden Army
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