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Nickname for the 49ers' Defense...

Originally posted by BruceLeroy:
The Golden Gate

I like this one too.
Originally posted by RiversideNine84:
Gold Rush! granite its the name of our cheerleaders but we should be ours..

i think you mean granted lol
The Red Army!
The Steel Curtain was used for the Steelers because they represented the steel mills. 49ers are about the pan handlers.
So it should about Gold Rush. If not that then, since the niners are in northern calif. and norcal is about high tech AI and silicon valley-then how about Terminators. After all, haven't they terminated many a player that faced them from future games?
Originally posted by Sf49ers220:
BLACKOUT!! And all the defenders can wear those black socks Whitner is rocking

I'm all for it.
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The Golden Eleven.
The Red Rape Machine.
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Originally posted by wailers15:
The Red Rape Machine.

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Red Reign
I guess "The Pain Train" fits best ...because our defense can BRING THE PAIN
Screw it! They don't need one.
The Red Alert
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Originally posted by mrmarcus55:
How about Ft. Knox ?

Thank you Dan Dibly lol
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