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Nickname for the 49ers' Defense...

The Gold Standard
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pain train duh
The RedRum D. Also a verb... the steelers just got Red Rum'd.

But Im guessing only half the fans nowadays actually know who Stanley Kubrich is.
Originally posted by rav510:
The Gold Standard

Bucky Brooks said that in his article today. Also, I think we threw that around as well. Not bad, but not great. If we keep RBs out of the Endzone for the entire season, it would be fitting.
How about the jolly trolley defence every time we get a sack or int fans go toot toot..
How about Ft. Knox ?
Originally posted by Garcia:
pain train duh

Can someone make a pain train photoshop using a cable car carrying our defense?
The Golden Gate
What was the 2000 Ravens defense nick name ?

Lights Out or Black out. It's gotta be.
Red Dawn
Gold safe
The Crimson Vault
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