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Free Agents

I am sure there is already a thread here about this topic but I have yet to actually see it or read it. I have been a long time niners fan ever since the mid 80's. Yes the mid 80's, seeing as how I was born in 1983. So naturally it was either the Niners or the Cowgirls and we know what side I chose. I have been extremly excited for this breakout season even though the shortened pre season and training camps were all void due to the lockout and am encouraged to see the progresss.

My question for all. Who in a realistic nature would be ideal free agents for us to pick up. Not looking at the draft and not looking at the free agents we will have. I want everyones top five realistic free agent pick ups.
I think we would pick up some free agents in the Free Agency forum:
Ok Thank you. Sorry kinda new at this. But thanks.
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