Well, let's see. First half dozen passes were...snap it and sling it. I had stopwatch out and all passes were gone within 2 seconds after snapping the ball. A bit later, Coach went for a 5 stepper, a long pass and alex got mobbed. Moral: with 2 seconds to snap it and sling it, alex, and therefore the 49ers , can do great things. The corollary, when OL is called on to pass protect for a deep or even medium range pass, anything in the 3 seconds or more range, it doesn't work. I want to thank Coach Harbaugh for following my suggestion of the last 10 weeks, and calling pass plays that are gone in 2 seconds, ie, snap it and sling it. Nah, just kidding, he knew that all along, but for some reason, just couldn't bring himself to do it.

Also, it was obvious that after alex was successful with those quick slants or outs, that amazingly, the Pitts DL went from a box 8 to a 4 man, and guess what? The lanes magically opened up for the running game. It isn't rocket science, it was just a matter of Coach finally deciding to do it. Previously, er-WRECKson, noln, nor BM would have even thot of it. Coach H not only thot of it, he used the quick slants and outs, and as predicted, they were immensely successful. Also they made the running game possible. Have to give credit to alex for that neat 12 yd scamper on 3rd and long...that almost surely was NOT in the playbook. Also, he took a header, and didn't slide...against the Steelers. Kid's got stones.

Lastly, and not related to snapping it and slinging it, we pole axed the steelers with field position. Andy Lee for president and Akers for VP. Every punt exchange, we gained 30 yds...the Steelers started every drive inside the 20 and 4 times inside the 15, twice inside the 20. THAT is a weapon...a real, deadly weapon. Steelers never had less than 80 yds to go on any possession.(except one KO return to the 30). Ouch!