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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We lost 2 out of 3 and our offense is regressing badly. We have shown nothing lately. Our redzone offense is the worst I've ever seen from a "playoff team."

All that happened today was that we saw that if one of our starting O-linemen goes down, we're fooked! The backup big men just cant get it done. BTW, if that fake field goal, crap challenge doesnt happen, we're not even having this discussion.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by Method:
You don't trust our coaching staff to work through this by the playoffs? Um, really? I have no reason to doubt our coaching staff right now. None at all.

The coaching staff is doing the best they can. But we just aren't very good on offense. In fact we are horrific. The worst offense I've ever seen for a playoff team. Our offense doesn't even belong in the playoffs. They can't fix this situation in the remaining games. It's not a coaching staff issue IMO. It's an offense that isn't very good at some things and needs to be fixed in the offseason.

Over react much? Must be your first year watching football.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
So where does that leave us?

Ravens: Loss.
Rams: Win.
Cardinals: Loss.
Steelers: Loss.
Seahawks: Loss.
Rams: Win or loss.

I only see 1 winnable game left. Our redzone offense and offensive line are horrific. We have take a massive step back in regression. 11 - 5 or maybe 10 - 6 final record. We have been exposed. Zone blitz against the run and pass. We can't beat that. The formula is there.

So we limp into the playoffs like this and it's 1 and done. Anybody who thinks otherwise is crazy at this point. This is not an offense that wins in the playoffs. Forget the #2 seed BTW.

lol youre unbelievable. the refs dont allow the stupid last sec. challenge and we score the TD on that fake, or even if Akers makes that 50 yarder right after, were sitting at 11-2, and everyone is feeling great. people overreacting to this are hilarious. even in a season where weve already locked a playoff spot up, and are 10-3, people STILL find reasons to make "the sky is falling" threads about how awful we really are.

forget the 2 seed? you mean the 2 seed were still sitting on currently? the Chiefs and Browns kept up with the Steelers recently, and its a home game. theres no reason we cant beat them. and then we play 2 losing teams. stop crying and use some common sense. when it comes to this team making its rise to success, were LIGHT YEARS ahead of schedule.

the Cardinals have been playing outstanding football lately. there isnt a whole lot of shame to losing a close game to them in AZ. especially when we really shouldve won. its frustrating, but act like youve been a football fan longer than 1 season.

I find it comical that people STILL dont understand the basic concept of "when Smith gets protection, hes very good. when he doesnt, the offense doesnt move". he didnt get protection, especially in the 2nd half, and it halted the offense. its not rocket science, yet people act like Smith plays well, and then is magically the blame of every problem from one week to another. watch the OL and tell me whose fault it is most of the time.

SD, your act is old, and whiney. youre just a bitter, negative person sitting on a computer, telling the world how bad the 49ers secretly are from pure emotional frustration. ive said it a thousand times. dont like the way things are going with the Niners? go be a Chargers fan. nobody wants to hear your tired act that comes out of the woodwork after every loss.
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I still think we have a decent shot at 12-4 and beating Detroit or Atlanta in the first round, but the bye is a faint hope and if we have to go to New Orleans, I'm sorry but being realistic - it's over. No way we outscore Brees in that dome. Look what Skelton just did to us. But even if this is how it ends, still a great season to build on.
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Overreaction much?

2 point loss, in a game where they called a touchdown back, and on the insuing play the Cards score a TD, causing a 14 point swing.

There were other factors but I'm looking at just that one.

Then we lost a game, under circumstances that had no other team in the history of the NFL winning. (W-->E on a short short week).
Here we are again, all the "fans" who just wait for something negative to happen so they can be happy because they have proven their point.
The whole coaching staff needs to be fired. How dare they take us to 10-3 and raise our expectations. We should be dominating every game we play. No excuses.
Can people quit with the "Skelton beat us"? Larry FItzgerald beat us. ANd we beat ourselves with poor tackling.....
If they don't get their sh*t together, they will finish the season with 11-5 record. If they do improve, I'd say at best 12-4. I just don't see 13-3 with the way their offense is playing. Offense just doesn't break out in the professional league like this. It just doesn't happen.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by aman49:
I was wondering where the old SanDiego49er went. You know, the one who always uses this emoticon:

We are 1 and done in the playoffs. I'm calling it right now. No way we win a game. Worst offense of any playoff team by far.

You are not a fan of the 49ers. No way. I dont care what you say. Everything you write is negative. I bet you were happy we lost yesterday so you could come make a post about how we were going to lose to the steelers and seahawks.
Originally posted by Multibomber:
All that happened today was that we saw that if one of our starting O-linemen goes down, we're fooked! The backup big men just cant get it done. BTW, if that fake field goal, crap challenge doesnt happen, we're not even having this discussion.

Exactly!!! that replay garbage ends this discussion!! period!! might I add we were up 19-7!!! Did the DEFENSE not stop the offense? yes! and BTW last time I checked..Fitzgerald is pretty damn good!!!!
Its just one game fellas. Let's not panic here. Yes we have some glaring problems but doesn't every team heading into the playoffs? We have the Steelers coming in and I'm sure their fans aren't happy with them barely beating KC and Cleveland. GO NINERS!! In Harbaugh we trust!!
Welcome back. I thought you had been kidnapped by someone....or there was just nothing to complain about for a while. Way to jump RIGHT on after one loss and start talking about how there is no way we can win again in the NFL unless we play the Rams. Seriously, have you just been biding your time and waiting for any semblance of negativity to pounce on? It's almost like you enjoy it...
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by Method:
LOOOL. You couldn't help being a negative nancy, could you sandiego? I thought you changed. Oh well.

I'm being "realistic."

Haha this is coming From the guy that was convinced that we were going 0-16 this season... What a joke.
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