BreakingStatement from Reuben Foster's ex-girlfriend says 49ers linebacker did not strike her

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3-1 finish was inevitable. Now we'll win out.

damned straight Lieut
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Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
You guys are way too down on a 10-3 team. Today we lost a close game on the road against a hot team (5-1 in their last 6). The main culprits were a botched call by the refs and horrid Red Zone efficiency.

There are areas to improve, but we are by no means a weak team. We are every bit as good as 10-3 indicates. With a little more fire and better execution next week, I expect us to beat the Steelers and win out.

Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
I think if we had won that game we still would have dropped either the Steelers game or Seahawks game.

Now I think we win out. There was a lot to be frustrated about, but I think this will light a fire under the team to address the red zone inefficiency more effectively. I'm sure Harbaugh and Roman are smart enough to figure something out. We have the talent to execute.

The defense was solid without Willis, with the exception of a few somewhat fluky plays.
If the talent was there they would have caught a few of the balls that were thrown to them and none of these threads would exist... the Niners would be going into Monday night with quite a bit more Verve. Now it's backs against the wall time as far as the bye goes. But anyway, I think this team needs to play without a bye, they just lose their edge, and what's his name, Wanker P Soft showed up today BIG time..
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