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Should we refer to our Defense as...

Should we refer to our Defense as...

Originally posted by OnTheClock:
How about the "Crimson Curtain."

Ripping of the steelers? no thanks, lets be more original and something to do with what a 49er is, or something to do with the city.
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so far 'the pain train' sounds good
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How about the no name defense...oh, wait...
One vote for Alcatraz because then we'd get to taunt people with, "Gentlemen, welcome to The Rock."
Crimson curtain sounds like the steelers and gold crush sounds like the broncos. If it's gotta have a name I'd have to vote for the Pain Train.
"Imodium" because they are so good at stopping runs.

Originally posted by D-NOTTE:
Originally posted by 49rUP:
"Golden Gate Defense"

I really like this one....
Gold Mountain

The Chinese name for "San Francisco" is actually:

"Jiù Jīn Shān " = "Old Gold Mountain"
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Originally posted by RonMexico:
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Crimson Chastity Belt

You ain't getting none!
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